What's your best talent/s in both real life and/or in Thrive?

Rules: Just don’t compare yourself too much with others. Showing your achievements or talents is fine.
I figured that since most people on here have above average IQ, many people would be talented. By the way, what I mean by a “Thrive talent” is a skill in game(example: fighting predators, chasing prey, evolving and choosing good decision, etc.).

I’ve never played thrive myself so I can only provide real life talents.

Probably my #1 skill is in either math or music: In math, I am a decent 2-4 grades ahead of my grade level, averaging at about 3 grades. For example, I learned how to factor trinomials in 6th grade, and learned logarithms the same year. However, my music talent is likely the most innate. I have a natural perfect pitch, and started playing the piano when I was 4-5. Mostly, I play classical music, but I am also special at jazz. I’m also pretty good at reading, and have always gotten 99th percentile on standardized since I started reading a lot again. My history skills and science skills are good in that I absorb information quickly and have a great interest, only that I’m not good at memorizing dates or have not tried enough to do so.