When i started up the game there whas no intro

Ik its a older version but the glich hapend in 0.5.8 ther whas a intro but no dna no logo no nothing

I’m pretty sure the videos work just fine. If you are running the game with videos disabled, either in the launcher or in the game options, then the videos are skipped.

No i dident meh aleast whe have to worry for 0.5.9 and 0.5.10 for the future of the game
The inteo started but there whas no meshes oor blend model?

What models do you use for thrive

The models in the game are in Godot’s own .mesh format. Well, mostly. There are some glb files in there as well.

Ow ok :ok_hand: didwnt knowe you can make mesh files in there that a lot bether

They were not made in Godot. They were made in a modelling program, mostly Blender, and just imported into the Godot engine.

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