Where is the money going exactly?

(Louix) #32

Well that’s pretty much the definition of open source haha


Okay, you have very good points and I had a good time reading this discussion. Really shows the positive sides of democracy and free speech.

But I just have something a bit unrelated to add. Your over-analyzing a lot of the replies given by members of the forum, not only the developers. This is the community forum and pretty much everyone can reply, some people are probably very young. And while I’m not saying their posts are completely stupid but they’re probably not as constructive and on-point as you would like them to be. Please don’t take these posts completely seriously (no offence to the members posting) as most of them probably don’t reflect the actual thoughts or even attitude of the development team towards the project.

(Two-Toe-Tom) #35

Mao does bring up a fair point, I should have prefaced my earlier statment by explaining that I was mearly a casual observer of the development of Thrive, and that what I shared was only my opinion on the matter.