Who hosts this forum (and all other sites)?

After showing this game to a friend, he asked me how donations where handled. When I told him that the project worked without donations, he asked me how the forum is being hosted. I then realized that I didn’t know that… So… how are the sites being hosted?

The domain and all subdomains are registered on my server. I have it set up so that the main website points to a server hosted by a user called dontpanic, who isn’t around much but says he’s happy to keep the server running anyway. Both forums point to a server run by @hhyyrylainen. We’re all paying for our respective hosting and domains, I believe.

Honestly this is all a bit of a silly situation and I’d prefer to offload my part in this to someone else, but no one seems interested. Plus I accidentally did something to the domain a few weeks ago that locked it from being transferred for several months.