Who would win reborn, but also mixed with which is better and would you rather

Baed off the old who would win forum game.
Who would win in a physical fight, a dog or a cat?

  • Dog
  • Cat

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Dogs win!
Now lets say a average-sized golden retriever is our dog breed we choose. They now face their ancestor.
Who would win, a golden retriever dog or a wolf?

  • Dog(golden retriever)
  • Wolf

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Dog never win, largest dogs are like 3 ft, lions are like 5

When people say cat they almost always mean the domestic cat.

Not what they specified. A flaw in logic if you resume, cats would win against dogs.

domestic dog would def win in a fight against a domestic cat.

but what breed?
i dont think a chihuahua is gonna easily beat a cat

most dog breeds could beat any domestic cat.

therefore, dogs would likely win

cats can run up trees and walls, dogs cant do that

…and how would that help them?

drop all your weight on the enemy
i guess

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a whopping 16 pounds(?)
(or less)

Chicken wins

…is this rock paper scissors now?

if they are equal size then that is false because cats have sharper claws and teeth than dogs

breaks the neck of any animal with a neck(excluding hippos for obvious reasons) if dropped from a tree canopy.

Cats and dogs aren’t in equal size, stop making dumb concessions that make no sense.

cats can get far larger than dogs. domesticated cats can’t yet but that is simply because they have not been bred to guard houses unlike dogs. a German Shepard sized cat with the same proportions as a house cat would be able to disembowel a German Shepard.

Irrelevant, we are not talking about hypotetical scenarios between things that don’t exist.

It wouldn’t have the same proportions of an house cat so irrelevant too.

there are literally tigers. they exist. they can get as big or bigger than german shepards

if it was bred to defend a house it would have similar proportions that are almost the same(due to cat proportions being extremely good for defense) with a few adjustments. also the world’s largest house cat disproves that statement.

They aren’t cats, they are just Felidae.

We aren’t talking about hypotetical scenarios in which cats were bred for defending houses.

We are talking about the hypotetical scenario in which a current cat and a current dog fight.

by the common definition they are cats. the common definition is anything shaped vaguely like a cat that is still friend shaped.

and for a scientifically correct fight to see which type of animal would win and not which species would win they would need to be equal sizes like a house cat vs a pug that does not need to be on constant life support due to inbreeding. also cats are less weird and diverse simply because they are inbred less and so if you pitted up every type of cat(which are all obviously one species) against every type of dog(which nothing that didn’t breed them to the way they are now would think they are one species) cats would win more often due to there being more small dog breeds than large dog breeds. especially since the average adult cat is larger than the average adult dog for one simple reason, dogs are more inbred than the royal family by at least 20*. that also means the average dog is far weaker than the average cat in every organ Chernobyl’s dogs are more viable than pet dogs and they literally live in an area so irradiated that humans can’t easily survive there for long periods of time. so if you want dogs to win in more cases than the rare dog larger than an average adult cat then make the average dog less inbred which will make them more like their wolf ancestors and therefore a more uniform size and therefore beat house cats in fights more often but i could just as easily breed house cats to the size of a horse and hunt those dogs but for moral and legal reasons i am not going to do that and would more likely train them to hunt poachers and people who do belguim that no sane person would do because if their morals were the cardinal direction north then the action would be going south at speeds ranging from a mile per minute to Mach 7