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Sapient Species: Rako’tei ( Rako - Tay )

Planet of Origin: Rako’tei Prime

  • Political Owner: Multiple clans split up into different groups

System of Origin: Rouqe’jah

Location: Outer Tenebrarum

Astronomy: Rako’tei Prime , as it is called by others, is a planet that is tidally locked to its local star. Thus, one side is shrouded in eternal darkness, and the other is covered in sizzling sunlight. The geological wildlife of this world is completely a planet-wide jungle, with a number of oasises and interwoven lakes.

The planet has three moons, each that have been terraformed to a state that they appear similar to Rako’tei Prime . They are used as hunting grounds by the Rako’tei, mainly for the creatures they brought into the planet as prey.

Geography: Rako’tei Prime is a planet-wide jungle, tainted with steaming lakes and sizzling jungles. They is still active volcanic activity here, with lakes of boiling lava branching from the active vents. For landmasses, they are often seen with soaring mountains, sand dunes, beaches, and other exotic materials. Most notably are their radioactive lakes that appear in the area of Diore’phea, where heat accumulates in large amounts near volcanic vents. Diora’phea has a unique predatory creature that ingests certain liquids that can be refined into boiling spit. Young hunters are given the trial of hunting one of these creatures, and skinning its hide.

Spending their lives hunting in multiple types of climates, the Rako’tei are fierce hunters of strength and honor. Evolving on a world that was tidally locked, mainly in the night time zone of Rako’tei Prime , they developed infrared vision to hunt their prey. At one point they migrated to the more hotter climates, but with the influence of infrared vision, they were unable to see in the intense heat and radiation. To counter this, they developed bio-masks that change the specific scopes of ultraviolet light and individualize heat radiating in warmer climates. Because of their intent to hunt prey, they made the masks so that they could see organic matter only, excluding flora.

When hunting prey, they developed a way to modify their hues by accumulating or dispersing pigments within their skin cells, they also rely on how structural changes affect how light reflects off their skin. This means they can blend in to specific environments when needed, though their skin color in general is a mix between a tan and dark green.

Rako’tei appear as reptilian-like humanoids with thin legs and harms that render themselves quick and agile hunters. They don’t have any visible tails, but a small one that possibly indicated an evolutionary descent from their more aquatic ancestors. They have ridged heads, with 2 eyes on either side that see in full infrared light. Though the bio-masks they use render out leaves and shrubbery to prey.

Reproductive: Rako’tei reproduce sexually, and can produce about 1 - 2 infants. Since their reproductive organs are mainly internally stationary, they often do not wear clothes while taking the role as citizen. Hunters, however, are always equipped with technology that is available to them.

Diet: The most notable fact of the Rako’tei is their Hematophagous diet, which consists of blood. Similar to vampire bats, they transplant the blood of their kills into their own veins, along with which come all the nutrients they need. There is some religious influence by this, mainly that the Rako’tei believe their preys essence is now apart of them now. The preys blood carries all the skills and strength, which Rako’tei hunters obtain to become stronger.

Behaviour: Rako’tei are naturally aggressive beings, but have no intent to conquer others. After they kill their prey, they have been known to collect trophies from them, usually their bones. They turn heads into trophies, usually strapping them to their belts by their hair. Most of the time, they’ll just take the skulls, clean them, and place them somewhere for safe keeping. With other accessories, they’ll turn smaller animal skulls into antiques, then attach them to necklaces and wrist bands. To be more unique, they’ll modify their bio-masks with technology, giving them more advantages.

Government: Currently, there are multiple different clans of hunters and camps on Rako’tei Prime , even on other off-world locations. Not all of these clans are allied, and will occasionally clash with each other on different accounts. The most notable clashes that happen often are the Jungle Hunter clan and the Phantom Hunter clan. The jungles hunters are the ruling society and hunter group in Rako’tei culture, with a council of their own. The Phantom Hunter clan, however, evolved on the night time zone of the planet. They developed a bio-mask that grants them night vision instead, able to see prey in complete darkness.

Besides the multiple hunter clans, Rako’tei Prime is led by a hierarchy of individual council members. They lead the Jungle Hunter clan, the Elite clan, and the Tracker clan.

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Whilst i’ve been refining the designs and concepts of the Umbruke, I realised that they sounded particulary advanced, with the whole biomechanoid appearance i’ve given them.

With this, is there a certain limit to how advanced you can make a TU species?

I want them to appear as just a regular Thrive species minding their own buisness, doing their thing and whatever but they just seem way too advanced to be in the TU.

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I’ve been designing ideas for my ‘main’ species. The species that best represents me in certain ways. The Klume was the first of my sapient species list, but I’ve decided to make a my main species have a cool design. As of yet I don’t have a current one.

EDIT: I may go play spore in a bit, design a species, and then after they get to space i’ll just post it here.

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The Swang are my warrior alien thing I came up with after watching Rakka.

I’m just putting them here.

Species: The Harvesters

The name ‘Harvester’ comes from their habits of depleting worlds of their natural resources to collecting various species to utilize them for themselves. This is an accepted name upon their affiliates and they themselves, though their collective name is The Harvester Union.

Biological Description:
The Harvester Union is an intergalactic military organization comprised of various species and other affiliations.

They appear as large, 7 feet tall reptilians that breathe methane. Have 4 prehensile limbs, with four fingers. Connecting to their shoulders to their ridge-like head is a cobra-like hood that can fold in and out. This is mainly used for hearing the world around them, as loud sounds make these hoods vibrate and twitch in sporadic ways. Have two small black eyes on each side of the head that pivot in different directions. They have no visible pupils. Their torso has thin, flexible plates that protect the skin from heat. Every action they do, whether it’s walking or turning their head different directions, they always twitch in one way or another. This is possibly due to their neurological implants into their cerebrums and nervous system, causing them to jerk in various ways. Have a forked tongue used to smell and taste.

Goals, Culture, and Affiliates:
The Harvester Unions collective goal is to completely oversee the galaxy and other galaxies around them, aswell as retaining a permanent foothold in the universe itself.

They have another goal that seems to be their highest peak of interest. That goal is learning the ways of universal teleportation. With universal teleportation, they could possibly send thousands of battalions to multiple areas in a flash. If they achieve this technology, it could cause a major threat to existence.

The HU’s advanced technology and their neurological implements serve not only as a functional purpose but rather a cultural purpose. They see others as ‘inferior’ to them. They believe they are the pinnacle of evolution and existence, and wish to eradicate others who are not worthy of their gifts.

Organization Anthem
By Vandoorea (not associated with him/her, just enjoy his/her remixes)

Technology and Architecture:
The technology of the Harvesters appear to be a ferrofluid-like matter than can be programmed to form objects. To control the matter physically, the Harveters created a special device that would connect with the cerebrums and nervous system. From this, they can interact with the fluid with ease. This also gave them a telepathic bond with it, able to communicate with it in certain ways. It is used to create some machinery, but is used only for stability on large structures.

The HU’s architecture are towering, monolithic structures surrounded by smaller ones. These structures are built in asymmetrical patterns, that gradually lengthen. Some of the much smaller skyscrapers are built close to the monoliths, mainly used as condominiums to contain enslaved species. The most notable aspect of these cities is that they are sometimes built on top of eachother, being repurposed as each level is built.

Their mechanized monstrosities, otherwise referred to as synthetic abominations, are apart of their military faction. Helpless creatures from other worlds are taken away to be surgically weaponized into militaristic servants often aiding in war. The semi-sapient or sentient species on thriving worlds that are otherwise enslaved by them are usually taken in to be surgically enhanced in either a combatant way or as a means of scientific experiments.

Planets that have been conquered by their empire are stripped of their resources, leaving nothing but a barren wasteland behind. Some of these worlds that have been completely dried out by them are completely abandoned, as they have no use to them anymore. Though it happens very rarely as the process occurs over a long period of time. When they do happen to seize a planet in their grasp, they will begin to manufacture the planets atmosphere if necessary. When they first begin the conversion of the planet, they wear spacesuit-like armor that provides them with breathable air. This is only temporary, as the process only takes about twenty years worth of time to completely change the planets atmospheric composition to something more suitable for them. Though the insides of their megastructures provide a stable amount of methane to breathe, as the suits are only needed outside of the walls. They do this by the use of ventilation systems built into their strongholds, spewing methane into the atmosphere. The methane is somewhat programmable, carrying microscopic traces of the ferrofluid with it.

The Harvester Union are seen mostly as an massive threat to others around them, but are scientific and curious in nature. When not performing random onslaughts, they attend the many laboratories seen within their massive strongholds. Inside these laboratories contain surgical tables, containment facilities, and bio-observation rooms. These facilities are mainly used to study exotic fauna and materials that discover on the planets they conquer. Dissections are common, mostly on organic wildlife.

I might fix this later on, just to check for writing/spelling mistakes

I hope enjoyed this little thing I thought up

Sapient Species: Swang

Planet of Origin: Morass (Mohross)

  • Political Owner: The Morass Collective

Location: Outer Sciocont

Biological Description

Standing at nearly 7 feet tall, the Swang inhabit a large area of systems in the Sciocont arm, and expand gradually to other systems. They differ from being completely organic, due to the vague appearance of cybernetic enhancements grafted into their body. The implants appear in their cerebrums and their central nervous systems, providing the user with specific abilities. These powers include small amounts of telekinesis, control of physical technology, and limited telepathy. It’s use is based purely on weapons and suits, including the odd technology the Swang possess.

Excluding the biomechanical aspects, their biological features include a some-what reptilian appearance. They have a frilled hood connecting from the sides of the head to the chest, that can retract to show small signs of emotion. Have 6 individual eyes in total that can pivot from side to side. Have a visible pupil, but shows as a dark grey dot amidst the rest of the eye. Have a haphazardly aligned mouth, jagged interwoven teeth, and a tongue that is used to smell. Though they have visible nostrils, they obtain other natural features that can do the same. This includes ears that are built similar to a snakes ears, opening and closing to hear specific things. Have 4 fingers on each hand.


Reproductive: Swang are born as asexual organisms, possessing internal organs used for reproduction. The production of single-celled organisms through celluar fission occurs every 6 months. The cells are cloned in order to produce large amounts of near-sentient soldiers. Sometimes, this method of reproduction is experimented on certain species that go by the sexual method. The cells needed for this process are injected into a creature of whatever gender, either as a method of torture or to just to manufacture soldiers through bio-engineering means.

Diet: They are primarily carnivorous, and prefer to eat their meat raw. The reason they due this is because of their cybernetic enhancements, likely improving their healthy stature.

Government: The Swang direct a military orginzation called the Morass Collective. It functions as a centra hivemind, keeping in touch with each settlement located in the Sciocont arm. Their goal is to absorb other species into their biomechanical reign. They control a vast area of stars and planets. They attempt to intergrate into another species culture by ‘improving’ it with their own technological designs.

Technology: The Swang, as said before, are a genetically cloned cybernetic race. Each existing unit is manufactured in breeding facilities. When keeping another species under their order, it is mandatory to use slaves as a type of hatchery for their young. This process is extremely painful and mainly results in the slaves demise. Some who defect from the breeding are left traumatized.

The Swangs technology is based around a ferrofluid-like matter that operates in a magnetic field. This magnetic field is generated via the internal implants found within their cerebtums. The magnetic field also affects the surrounding environment, causing small objects to lightly float when in close proximity of the field. The matter is used in vehicles, buildings, and even tools. This matter is at the command of the Swang, and they can force it to make whatever they want. Somtimes, however, they use slaves to build certain structures. To do this, they force them into biomechanical slavery.

Technological Level: High - FTL

Galactic Distribution: 30 billion systems (all belonging to the Morass Collective)

this is a work in progress, because cyborgs are a new thing in the Thrive universe I believe

i don’t know if that will “fit” in the game

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It’s meant to be in the Thive Universe as a storyline, not apart of the game.