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Alright, I dont really know how to say this but two youtubers that I know semi-personnaly (we chat on their discord) have told me that maybe they would like to do a video on Thrive. The name of the first channel is Ricky Summer, he has like 16k subs but only a fraction of those subs are active ( It means that he gets 150/300 views per video on average ) And the name of the second channel is klo0ga. I wont be able to answer your questions 'till tomorrow because i’ve hit my Reply Limit, but you can still chat with me on the shoutbox

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We should hold off on this until we get more of a concrete game. We all know how much the Sandbox Social video reflected on how we had not much to show.


Yes, there are plans to do major outreach after we get a new release together with fun gameplay.


That Sandbox Social video definitely showed the world Thrive at the wrong time - the comments seemed to be filled with people doubting Thrive (how dare thee heathens), and overall, despite the attention and loads of users it gave us, I think it may have damaged what people thought of Thrive.

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I didn’t see that many negative comments and most of the highest upvoted ones were quite positive. But I agree that compared to earlier peaks of new people finding thrive we haven’t gotten that many new fans or team members.

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I do not see them play thrive,also Klo0ga have less subscribers but more views lol

We should pile together what we have finished and figure out what to work on next.

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