Overhaul Mod v1.1.2


4 new compounds, 18 new organelles, a GUI redesign, and more. Made on a 0.4.1 dev build, it even has a few features that are being added in 0.4.1.


Features from the AMD dev build:
-Iron Ions: Rust colored, used by two of the new organelles for Iron Chemolithotrophy

Floating Objects:
-Floating iron chunks that release Iron Ions

-Chemosynthetic proteins: Prokaryotic and less efficient version of the Chemoplast.
-Rusticyanin: Combines CO2 and Iron Ions to produce ATP.

Other Changes:
-the player now starts as a prokaryote with 1 cytoplasm
-eukaryotic organelles are locked until the player evolves a Nucleus

Features of this mod
-Hydrogen Cyanide: Cyan, another option for Chemosynthesis
-Manganese Ions: Grey, another option for Chemosynthesis
-Virus: Bright red, harms the cell when touched. Be careful around these - if you absorb too much, they’ll take over your cell and drain your resources until you die.

Floating Objects:
-Floating rocks that release Manganese Ions
-Random floating organelles and bits of cell membrane

-Shallow vents biome
-River biome
-Saline sea biome
-Ocean floor biome

-Retinophores: Photosynthetic organelles that have Retinal in them instead of chlorophyll. They’re less efficient and cost less MP.
-Thermosynthetic proteins: Prokaryotic and less efficient version of the Thermoplast.
-Azotosomes: Prokaryotic and less efficient version of the Azotoplast (Nitrogen Fixing Plastid).
-Cas9: Turns virus clouds into phosphate.
-Photophores (Red, Purple and Blue): Prokaryotic versions of the Bioluminescent Vacuoles.
-Predatory Pilus: This is NOT functional; just looks cool.

These organelles (and many of the default ones) are locked until you get a nucleus:
-Retinoplast: Retinal-based version of the Chloroplast. Less efficient and costs less MP.
-Large Vacuole: A much bigger version of the Vacuole with 4x the storage.
-Contractile Vacuole: a specialized vacuole that can change the pressure in your cell and close up wounds, speeding regeneration.
-Thermoplast: Turns environmental heat into ATP.
-Ferroplast: Eukaryotic and more efficient version of Rusticyanin
-Bioluminescent Vacuole (Red, Purple and Blue): decorative organelles that emit light.

Other Changes:
-GUI redesign (the editor GUI isn’t entirely finished)
-tweaked several of the biome backgrounds
-all organelles except bioluminescent ones are now partially transparent
-rebalanced the amount of compounds organelles store
-tweaked many cell processes
-hydrogen cyanide and manganese ions can be used in chemosynthesis
-halved the amount of phosphate/ammonia organelles need to split
-rebalanced the amount of MP organelles cost
-a vignette that darkens the edges of the screen
-‘Microbe Editor’ button under the Extras menu in the title screen
-tweaked many of the organelle textures
-two new main menu backgrounds
-AI species mutate every time you enter the editor
-renamed Nitrogen Fixing Plastid to Azotoplast (‘Azoto’ meaning ‘Nitrogen’ in Greek)

There’s also probably a few other small features I’ve forgotten.

Screenshots (outdated)


First, Download the AMD dev build:

Then, download the mod:

If you have the launcher:

1). go to the folder
(on Windows should be Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Revolutionary-Games\Launcher\Installed\Thrive-\Thrive- )

2). back up the ‘bin’ folder somewhere else

3.) open ThriveAMDClouds.zip and copy the ‘bin’ folder in there to the folder, click ‘replace files’ when prompted

4.) open 0.4.0-Overhaul-Mod.zip and copy the ‘bin’ folder in there to the folder, click ‘replace files’ when prompted

If you don’t have the launcher, follow steps 2 through 4 where you installed Thrive.

Known Bugs

-the suicide button is broken

Thanks to @Untrustedlife for helping me with custom organelle models and virus clouds and thanks to @productive for allowing me to use his regen code.

(Untrustedlife) #2

Woohoo, this is awesome.

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Update 1.1:
-random floating organelles and bits of cell membrane appear in the environment
-renamed Nitrogen fixing plastid to Azotoplast
-renamed Nitrogenase to Azotosomes
(‘Azoto’ meaning ‘Nitrogen’ in Greek)
-fixed the Azotosomes (nitrogenase) button in the editor
-balanced nitrogen fixing
-rocks are a bit bigger
-drastically reduced download size and made the download a .zip instead of .rar

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(He who abuses the search function) #4

At this point, why not just join the dev team? I of course don’t know a whole lot about how this works and you may just be skirting the edges of the entire project, but I still think that you could be helpful.


Update 1.1.2:
-four new biomes: River, Shallow vents, Saline sea and Ocean floor
-fixed some of the organelles costing the wrong amount of MP

(productive) #6

Wow, I am impressed

I love the GUI, definitely an improvement over the vanilla. I also love how you can over-absorb virus even with the CAS-9 proteins, especially if you have a flagella.

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(Felis silvestris) #7

Congratulation Nein! i followed your project, i really love how much you work on this, keep do it!