0.4.1 Feedback Thread

Post your feedback about the 0.4.1 release here.

Quick question: Except for bug fixes and such, are there any differences between this version and the release candidate?

No. There were only a few minor graphics tweaks. I think.

I posted some feedback in the release candidate thread, but unfortunately I posted it a bit late so it was never responded to. So, I’ll just post it here instead. I checked to make sure the same issues are present in the released version:

Alright, I finally got some more time to play it today. Firstly, game stability is great! Still haven’t had a single crash!

The game seems a bit harder than the previous version, that seems fine to me, a positive point even. However, trying to rely on iron ions is significantly harder than other playstyles I’ve tried (relying on glucose in some form) Specifically, big iron chunks are not really a grand oasis where you can fill up on iron ions, and then go out to collect other things. Rather, there are often only very thin clouds of iron ions hanging around the chunk. While swimming around it often seems like you’re not getting any iron at all while swimming around one (Unless it’s a new one I just arrived at, but it doesn’t last.) . Once your cell gets to a certain size, it seems you just have to rely on glucose instead. This is especially true if you add a nucleus. I’m not sure whether this is intended?

Also, I had some issues with not being able to see compound clouds clearly. Especially glucose is only clearly visible if the background happens to be black.

After writing this, I did manage to thrive (with a nucleus) with a rustocyanin build, but only by engulfing every other cell that could contain iron, so it was just a predatory playstyle anyway. Also, it was probably only possible because there was this one simple prokaryote that apparently always spawned containing a ridiculous amount of iron. Which reminds me: With this organism if I died I only respawned with 3 iron, so I would die almost immediately unless I spawned directly on top of an iron chunk or one of those prokaryotes I mentioned.

I discovered there are some really weird things going on with ATP production/consumption. I noticed whenever my cell is at/near the final growth stage (ready for reproduction) I can no longer move continuously without running out of ATP, even though a young cell can do this just fine. No amount of mitochondria I add on will fix the problem either. Since an old cell just has an additional copy of each organelle, there is clearly something going wrong here. Either the organelle copies don’t produce (enough) ATP, or there is too much ATP being drained. I noticed these problems start when I add a flagella, perhaps you should start looking there?

Another minor issue is that flagella don’t just seem to consume ATP when pressing a movement key, but when you’re being pushed by another cell. This means you can get stuck with slow movement if you can’t move without running out of ATP, for example because of the above bug.


This is some valuable fedback :slight_smile:
Overall do you think its an improvement over the previous version?


Oh definitely! The improved stability, new progression and iron oxidation individually are already great improvements!

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