[] Evo's Partless Challenge 1.1 (Abandoned)

ANNOUNCMENT: This Mod Is Abandoned:

So I been meaning to update this mod for awhile but since the new thrive version completely changes how the editor works (at least in the backend) and this was really only made to test my ThriveHarmony mod, it take more effort than it really worth for me to update it.

ModIcon Evo’s Partless Challenge

Can you survive as a single hex?

  • Take part in the partless challenge, you can not evolve any parts, Can you still Thrive?

  • You just need to survive for 20 generation with 200 pop to win

  • Requires ThriveHarmony 2.0 Mod


Download Link or Steam Workshop Link

How to install:

  1. Download from the link above, if you are not using the steam version then continue
  2. Find your mods folder, easiest way is by clicking the “Open Folder” button.
  3. unzip the the file in your mods folder
  4. Use the built-in mod loader to load the mod
  5. enjoy :slight_smile:

1.1 - 2021-12-01T06:00:00Z:
*Changed pop requirement from 0 to 200

  • Supported New ThriveHarmony Version

1.0 - 2021-11-30T06:00:00Z:

  • Initial Version

The mod has no known incompatibility with any other mods.

This mod was made for Thrive version

This mod internal name is “PartlessChallenge”

This mod modifies the following files:

  • MicrobeEditor.cs
  • MicrobeStage.cs

Good to see this mod here as well.

I commented this on the Workshop page, but I think the opposite challenge would actually be harder: meaning that you would be forced to add or even get a random organelle each time you go to the editor.

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quite ez to thrive as a single hex if u find resources fast enough, unless theres a thing that makes it harder, other than not evolvable, it should be good, anyway gg