0.6.2 Feedback Thread

With 0.6.2 out now, it’s again time to give us some feedback on it. Which you can do in this thread.

Hopefully this time we’ll get more than the 2 posts the 0.6.1 thread got…


Oh my god, ohmagod, omagod it’s out! AHHHHHH! Head explodes

That is my feedback for now.

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Theoretically, you guys will.
Cause this is the second one:)
*coughing here’s the main part of my feedback
btw here’s a little which has a chance to get better:
when you rush on some other cells that are as big as you,
the system will send a message like “you are too small to consume it” ahhhh I forgot what it is but that’s close anyway.
And when you try to consume them still and not go away, the messages will blow up.
the biggest number I got is “x8”
don’t u guys think that it’s a little bit silly?
maybe we could add an “if {}” to make sure it will appear only one time.

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What do you mean? I’ve seen ATP damage message stack up to 23 times, so why the engulf message wouldn’t appear as many times is unclear to me.

The reason why the message keeps track of how many times the same problem has been reported so that the player sees if they are constantly causing some issue. Because the messages stay on screen for a long time, without that feature it would be unclear to the player if an error is still happening or if what they are trying to do should actually work.


Played through to Aware. It’s working so much better than the pre-release version. No frame rate issues in the videos or multicellular, and the texture issue in Macro has gone, too. :raised_hands:

I did encounter a bug, though. I think I clicked on the ‘go to editor’ button just as my cell was dying (it was in single-cell). The cell died (and broke down as normal), but nothing else happened. It didn’t switch to another cell (and there were plenty of others in the patch), I couldn’t go to the editor, and the camera just stayed fixed to the place where I died. I had to open the pause menu, and re-load. Here’s a screenshot:

Aside from that, great work! :clap:

I think this is this known bug:

Not sure if this is the correct thread but anyways, when i play in my native language (Netherlands) the main menu overtakes the update list see here:

probably because of that one sentence “Sluit af en keer terug naar opstartprogramma” being to big you might want to change it just to “Opstarthulpprogramma” and give it a pop-up when accidentally clicked on as a warning the game will close, instead of having it added as unnecessary text which makes it too big.

All of our translations are made by the community on our translations website.

That exact text is here: Thrive/Thrive Game — Dutch @ Thrive - Weblate: Exit to Launcher after logging in it is possible to change the text.

Thanks, it has been changed.

0.6.2 has made some impressive progress, especially with the later-stage prototypes, but speaking about them, I think there should be a “preview” of how the early multicellular organism will look like outside of the hex editors, similar to the “membrane” tab in the microorganism editor, given that the growth of new cells can be in unforseen configurations, and you can easily waste generations trying to get your organism right

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got to the industrial stage.