0.6.3 Feedback Thread

This is again the usual thread to post the general feedback on 0.6.3 release in.

For reference this is the release: Release Thrive 0.6.3 · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub


I;m a bit confused about the compound calculations. I’ve noticed at several points they seem to be off. I thought it was the same bug people had reported before, but is it just that the calculations on the left panel show the maximum the organ can use of a compound, while on the right it shows the average drain? Here’s an image link (I had greyscale filter on during this one):

The mitochondrion only uses 0.001 more glucose than the metabolosome.

Also, I’ve noticed on multiple playthroughs that the auto-evo takes a long time to get going. I don’t get multiple other species evolving until I’ve had several editor sessions. Here are some of the evo trees:

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Do you mean the top (ATP balance bar) vs. the bottom part (compound balances)? We actually changed this recently to try to be more intuitive to the player. The compound balances now shows the situation at ATP equilibrium, whereas ATP balance shows all costs when running at max speed.

Ah, you meant that? Well my explanation is still correct that the compound balance shows things at equilibrium.

There’s an open issue about adding extra buttons in the editor to switch the conditions at which the compound balances are displayed:

Did you change auto-evo mutation rates? I think difficulties affect this. The auto-evo exploration tool in the game can be used to run auto-evo a bunch with different settings to see what’s going on.

No, all game settings were standard.

I ran the autoevo tool on 100 worlds. None of them were quite as bad as the evo tree pictured in greyscale, but many were comparable to the one on the left. 22 had 3 or fewer species before 500Myr, with at least 15 more having noticeably slow starts.
These are probably the most noticeable of them:

I played a game last week which went the opposite way. I just used standard settings, with LAWK turned off, and a panspermia start. By 200Myr there were 11 species, including a eukaryote which could only just achieve the energy required to survive sitting still when it had glucose and iron. It went extinct shortly afterwards. By 400Myr a second line of eukaryotes had evolved, which were much more survivable. In one of the auto-evo tests, there was also a cell with a nucleus by 400Myr.

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So it was some pretty bad luck that you happened to see that in your game. While I’d like to say that we’ll tweak things so that unlucky players don’t have a bad experience with auto-evo, there aren’t basically anyone who has recently worked on auto-evo…

The rocket scene is still 2 FPS, but the main menu isn’t.
I usually do something else while waiting on the transition to Space Stage, honestly.

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