0.6.4 is not available for Mac (yet)

Thrive 0.6.4 is not currently yet available for mac. The reason is that I did not have enough time before the release. Mac support for the latest Thrive release will return in the pretty near future (but maybe not this year yet). The reason why I decided to release without mac is that it is not a fully supported platform for us currently. You can check this thread for when we would make mac a first class platform for Thrive: Demand for official Mac (OSX) support - Meta - Thrive Development Forum

Just making this post to make sure anyone about to report this problem for mac would see this first.

The launcher may also crash when trying to process the version information with a platform missing for Mac.

theres this glitch where thrive sometimes crashes for me how do i fix it?

you’re gonna need to give some info on what happens before it crashes

ah, apple. there’s a lot of fixed crashes on windows and linux that aren’t fixed there, so while you will still need to explain the events leading up to the crash, i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s already fixed on windows.

i open the thrive launcher and it spontaniously crashes but only sometimes

0.6.4 is not available for mac, yet. I moved these posts to this thread where I announced that fact.

Update: the new launcher version no longer immediately crashes on mac: Release Launcher 2.1.0 · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive-Launcher · GitHub

(I think the original thread reporting the launcher problem was deleted so I’ll just comment about this here).

Devblog #42 implies that 0.6.7 is already out, and June 22’s progress update outright states it. However, my Thrive launcher’s latest version is 0.6.3. (I am on Mac.) I am confuzzle. How do I get new version? Is it another OS issue?

It is another OS issue

Edit: Just not done for mac (yet), sorry.

I moved these posts to the thread about the latest game versions not being available on mac yet. You can read the start of this thread to find out why.