0.6.5 General Feedback Thread

The new release 0.6.5 is out now. Full patch notes is up on Github:

In this thread you can provide any feedback you have to us about this new release.

As multicellular, my multicellular alien engulfed lots of cells and I went into evo. Exiting evo as a single cell it appeared as if it was engulfing a large mass, all foreign body storage full, but nothing appeared inside the cell and nothing was digested nor was ejectable. Growing new cells, the foreign storage was still full up to a point when it stopped increasing to the maximum amount storable.
But even after growing new cells, it still appeared as “too full to engulf” other cells, even ones in the rim, and the stored amount never decreased.

Sounds like that could be related to this seemingly pretty common issue that no one is able to get to reliably happen, which would be very good for coming up with a fix:

It was different as the ingested matter bar started at max, like 90/90. As it grew a new cell, it got to 180/180, than to something like 220/270, 220/360 and so on, still unable to engulf, with the message of not having enough room to engulf.

Can you provide a save from when the problem started to happen? If you don’t have a save, you can try to get the problem to appear again and then make a save quickly.

Here’s when it happens and the save from before it happens:

Loading the save don’t perfectly reproduce my experience though, as this time the H button it there, even though it does nothing. The first time there was no eject button. Loading the save it eventually becomes possible to engulf again, even though there’s one never reducing phantom mass, that mildly fluctuates.

Actually, the following save shows what I reported more closelly:


I’m right now in the middle of converting Thrive over to Godot 4, so I’ll need to look at those saves later to see if there is anything obviously wrong with them.

I’m not a big fan of some of the cell part unlock requirements.
The main one I have an issue with is the Pilus unlock requirement because it stopped me from adapting to an enemy cell. The death count requirement is too high and only happens when predator cells are already a major issue (all my deaths that lead me to unlocking it happened in the same round and I nearly lost the game. The predator cell wouldn’t have been as much of an issue if I had been able to add the Pilus the round before). The engulfment consumption requirement seems to be detached from what the Pilus is for. If you can meet the engulfment consumption why do you need the Pilus?


The two requirements are basically:

  • You are a predator
  • Or you are prey

Then the pilus is unlocked as it can be used for those two distinct purposes. The unlock conditions respectively are meant to be fulfilled easily when a player does a bit of either.

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I understand it’s purposes, but I think the Pilus will mostly only be needed by predators if they have trouble engulfing. If the predator needs the Pilus’s help for consuming cells, they likely aren’t going to be able to reach the consumption goal.

The unlock conditions respectively are meant to be fulfilled easily when a player does a bit of either.

Death punishment in Thrive can give a pretty steep population loss, so the player might already have lost before they prove to the game that they are prey.


I’m glad we have the Eject button to stop yourself from dying to poison. But now my main worry is ejecting something that has Piluses, since you either take massive damage or die on the spot, mostly the latter. Any chance we’ll get some sort of delay so that doesn’t happen?

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Pilus damage cooldown should be in the latest release now. Have you experienced that playing this version?
The pilus when dealing max possible damage at once enters an almost one second damage cooldown so ejecting something should only be able to deal one hit of max damage and then if the cells move away normally that would be it. That max pilus damage should be less than the default max health so it should only be able to instakill cells that have much lower max health.

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Ive tried a few times and yeah, It only really kills when I’m like half health. When I react faster I’m able to save myself so that clears that up.

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I was planning on investigating the situation, but I got caught up in the massive Godot 4 conversion of Thrive. As the next release will break save compatibility (due to a bunch of small changes), could I ask you to test again once 0.6.6 is out? And if it still then happens providing new save files.

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