10 Games Spore Players Shoud Check Out

DarkEdgeTV has released a video where she talks about Spore-inspired games, and Thrive is one of them.

This made me discover some games that look pretty interesting, like Elysian Eclipse.


I like the unity creature creator (never played it), but I want to know if you can make your own parts in it, or if it’s just a preset thing.

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I’d never heard of no man’s sky before, sounds interesting

Sadly the dev for species; artificial life real evolution has stopped developing it, or that’s what everything I saw said, but it is still really cool

Adapt is actually what I discovered first, and what led me to finding thrive!

The sapling is also really interesting

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I watched a video on the sapling, seemed cool, im too poor tho

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I’ve played the game myself, and it’s pretty fun! There aren’t too many scenarios in the game at the moment, but the scenarios in the game currently are fun, and the whole game and it’s music is pretty relaxing too. Would recommend checking it out.