2d planet, solar system, galaxy

I feel like maybe you should be able to go from cell to space stage in a 2d world (I’m not sure how cell stage would work though)

The cell stage is the only stage planned to be 2d. It would be a bit too simplified to have later stages be 2d, and people would probably laugh at us even more if we did that.

i meant maybe you could be in 2d as an option (thats also why i was wondering how cell stage would work like that)

That would mean basically doing the entire rest of the game twice (okay, maybe the strategy game like stages could work the same in 2d as in 3d, but this still applies to the majority of the game). Like if you imagine how being a predator would work. It would be completely different in a 3d environment and a 2d environment. It’s basically not even worth the effort to consider adding to the main game.

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I really don’t see the appeal of 2D compared to 3D. It would just be a downgrade from the usual setup, and I doubt it would even… I mean… Why?

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