32-bit vs 64-bit

Hi, my name is Connor. I’m the android sent by Cyberlife… no just kidding.
I just wanted to ask about something. You know, there’s several crash reports including the sound crash, but is it possible that my game crashes because it is 32-bit and because my computer has a 64-bit version of Windows 7 ?
Thanks… and have fun !

are you telling me you’re playing the 32-bit when you have a 64-bit compooter


also crashes are common anyway so

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are you telling me crashes are common anyway


A new update’s coming soon that will change the engine, hopefully making said crashes less common


Are you telling me (hey, big change in english grammar) that the dev team is about to change their game engine again?


Oh, by the way, I have planned on reading a lot about science (chemistry, biochemistry, etc.) in order to be able to make my own versions of Thrive (only the beginning though, not going further than Aware/Awakening Stage) with several game engines (to compare performances) when my first session of school will be done. Then, I’ll send my own versions of the game to the dev team and I’ll be hired! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa! *cough cough cough
Well, I’m just kidding about getting hired. I just want to contribute to this game because I’ve been playing on Spore and I wished, once, that someone else or I would make a Spore-like game, but much more realistic and Thrive is going on this way. Yet, I have many things to learn before starting the Grand Plan (if you know the reference). Anyway…

The last release is only 32 bit on Windows, but it works fine on 64 bit OS. In fact I think that only a few people have played thrive on a 32 bit OS. But the next release will be 64 bit only.

Hi, my name is CyberLife. I’m the Connor sent by android.

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Hey hhyyrylainen, I wanted to ask you some questions about the engines that were used for creating the game, because… Well, the reason why I ask you is in my previous comment.

  1. Previously, in this thread, I heard the dev team was about to change the game engine. Will it be the first engine change, the second or the xth one? (There was a lot of talking about the engine change a long time ago and I consequently thought that you already changed it. But the previous comments changed my certainty about it. I might have not read enough about the subject as well, but I’m just wondering)

  2. (This question is pertinent only if you answered the second one) What are all the engines that were used for creating the game before and after the first engine change?

I reckon update 0.4 is a big one because of said engine change, but I’m not sure, so don’t hold me to that.

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The first engine change is just now close to completion. There is surprisingly lot of features in thrive that have taken and will still take a while to be converted to work with the new engine.
There was an attempt last year to try to see if unreal engine 4 would be a good choice. We decided that it wasn’t but still for some reason there are a few people who think that that is still the plan.

As to your second question. Before thrive used a custom engine directly in the thrive codebase. Now it will use an engine written by me. But, one of the main reasons why I decided to not use another engine, thrive will still use the same rendering engine, Ogre, for easier porting of models and materials.


Then all of our troubles will be ogre

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Now, it is clear for me. Thanks.
But somethings trouble me in your post.
First, I thought that you would use Leviathan as a game engine. But you decided to write your own engine and that’s totally fine. You’re in the dev team, it’s your right. But what language(s) will be used to create/use the game engine? Have you begun the development of it already? Is the development of the engine in team if it’s not done already? Sorry if this post shows a lot of questions, but the thing is that a game engine takes sometime to write and this might push the 0.4.0 release unless the engine change is scheduled for another one.
Second, you want to keep Ogre for the graphics system. However, there might be some problems with the screen resolution, the windowed/fullscreen option or else. Some people experienced quite of a problem with the fullscreen and resolution options : people can’t afford to put 1920x1080 with or without the fullscreen, because they won’t be able to see entire Cell Editor Screen. But it’s probably not the only problem with these options, because it was only an example. In addition, once people chose their options, they won’t be able to reconfigure them making the previous mentioned problem worse. In brief, Ogre might not be the best option for now.
Third, even if you want to use your own game engine, using a professional-and-official-made game engine might be a better option considering there will be fewer bugs. This paragraph is not talking about using Unreal Engine again, because it will use too much CPU/GPU and won’t support every OS. This third part of the text is sending a new suggestion : Unity 3D. Unity is the perfect engine for many reasons :
  1. You’ll be able to make a build for almost every game platform in the world and only in a click.
  2. Unity is primarly using C# is more recent and this language is growing : it will be the next C++.
  3. Unity has a lots of tutorials and supports for new users (think about the new comers on Thrive Project).
  4. It is easy to use after some tutorials.
  5. Unity or Unity games don’t really use so much power unless your computer is a dinosaur from Jurassic Park/ARK.
  6. You don’t really to use Visual Studio as an IDE. You can just use Notepad++ with some setup and it’ll do just fine.
If you don’t want to try Unity now, maybe I could remake the beginning of Thrive on Unity and we could compare the performance or the time spent on using each engine.
So, will you reconsider?

While Unity has been suggested before, I think once by me even, the cons of using such a program are as follows:

  1. The goddamn Unity logo when opening the game
  2. Unable to put in video cutscenes, needs to be an actual unity scene
  3. A number of other limitations
  4. A changeover this big might be harder than the current one happening
  5. To get rid of 1, 2, and 3 you have to pay
  6. Not sure how the development system works, but I assume it happens with each dev working collectively but on their own computers. If this is the case, each dev would have to buy the costly version to get access to these things (a lot of money to be pouring into a non-profit project)

Im sure there are others, but these are the ones I could think of.

Leviathan is my game engine and already used by the in development thrive version.

I use SDL in my engine to manage windows so that fixes all fullscreen related issues. And I don’t have the Ogre configuration dialog enabled, so that won’t be a problem once we make an options menu in thrive.

In my opinion unity is a lot worse than unreal engine. For example many, many games that use it have a lot of problems on Linux. Unity isn’t open source (I actually fixed one Linux bug in ue4). @QuantumCrab also made entirely valid points against unity. But the biggest con against any engine that isn’t using Ogre is that we would have to make our models from scratch again, because we only have Ogre format of most models, the original blender files have been lost, so we can’t really export them to another engine.

Holy crap you did make Leviathon

Oh… sorry. I didn’t know all of this. I would if I had my own computer (I could multi-boot OSs and do pretty much everything I want), but I have some restrictions on the computer I’m using. Sorry.

Is Leviathan the current engine or the new one (after the engine change)? I was just wondering.

By the way, after december the 12th (my first session of school will be done), I’ll start learning the skills to join the dev team either as a programmer or a game designer/theorist. What would you suggest me to do; how do I start and what shall I do?

I think the current engine is Ogre, and the one you mentioned is the new one.

I thought Ogre was the graphics engine… .

Ogre was and still is the graphics engine used by Thrive (it was updated to Ogre 2.1 from 2.0).

In 0.3.4 Thrive had a game engine built right into the codebase, now with the new version Thrive will use Leviathan.