A concept I had involving ancient civilizations, NPC civilizations and their interactions


There isn’t a lot present currently, but if people are interested in what some of the texts you could come across, I’ll provide some examples.


Should I provide an example of the text one might encounter in regards to the Ancient Civilizations?

I have added an example of a text one may encounter from the point of view of one of the last Disturbed to live, post Ascension Gate activation. I will also past the text here for those who don’t feel safe clicking on links.

So this is the sky our ancestors saw before the light pollution and aerial traffic.  Their dreams came true and we reached and conquered those stars and worlds.  Interacted with life beyond our imagination.  Yet now our kind number less than a hundred if not less than 10.  The Ascension Gate was successfully used and most of us left this reality for whatever lies beyond that gate.  A small number had to stay behind to close the gate.  I was one of them.  It wasn’t a walk in the park for anyone.  The civilian convoy was under constant attack from civilizations that despised us for constructing the gate.  I watched so many vessels become engulfed in flame.  Not even I was spared from being attacked.  The gate had already been shut off and I boarded my personal craft to go home.  A Qu fighter came after my craft and shot out my engines.  I lost consciousness during the crash and came to in the city I grew up in, but completely abandoned and silent, save for the sounds of animals.

How long has it been now since I wrote my first entry here?  Years?  Decades?  I’ve lost track of time a while back.  I salvaged my downed craft and found that the radio still functioned and I could pick up messages from across the galaxy.  I heard about the unrest among the other civilizations believed to be an effect of the Ascension Gate’s activation.  Not that long ago my eyes were drawn to the heavens as a massive explosion emanated from where the Ascension Gate had loomed in the sky.  Someone had tried to activate it a second time and suffered the consequence of doing so.  Oh yes, there is something I should mention.  We suffered 14 horrible catastrophes at the hands of rogue, deranged members of our own kind.  Each embodied different features of nature.  None of them ever succeeded in destroying our civilization, but I have grown to fear the true reason for the Ascension Gate’s existence.  I fear it was a trap by those Herrschers to get our kind to destroy ourselves and all civilizations in an attempt to become omnipotent.  Oh what have we done?  Is the Ascension Gate a trap as I have begun to fear or have these years of isolation finally made me go mad?  I already know I am the last of the Disturbed for the rest were shot down or hunted down by bounty hunters.  When my time comes, out species will be no more, but at least I can say that we, the Disturbed, thrived and left a mark upon the universe.

I would like to hear peoples’ opinions on this. While the space stage is far down the line, an early outline could streamline the stages development as there will be less discussion between devs, theorists, and coders on how to make it function.

I see how the existence of a previously ascended (or failed to ascend) civilisation could be a preferred method. While it would be possible to introduce the concept without a role model, such as a message in the cmbr or a final technology after the player discovers all the laws of physics, finding blueprints scattered across the galaxy is straightforward and a way to introduce a lore to the game.

I wonder would there be a real god in Thrive, and false gods. Ascended beings have what are called god tools, so are they the gods? What happens if two gods try to fight each other? How would the ascended species other than the player behave, if there will be any?

I loved how writing “Disturbed” with a capital letter immediately raised the question of what a Disturbed is. Unfortunately, whatever the lore will ends up being, it will be immediately known and also in the wiki since the forums are open to the public, and there won’t be any mysteries and game theories in the future, unless it is made into a group chat where only people who promise to not leak the information allowed.

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yeah. Likely when the deep dive on the lore for ancient civilizations is underway, it’ll be held only in the dev forums. This is here so the community can get an idea of what it may be like and decide if they like the concept. Also, I uppercased Disturbed as the individual who made the entry is a member of the Disturbed species (and the defacto mascot of Thrive)

I’m pretty sure the devs have said that there will be no lore in Thrive, which makes sense, because it’s a simulation game.

This lore would only be to give history to the ancient civilizations that would be used to find blueprints to make the ascension gate. It should be noted that there will/would be a number of possible ancient civilizations the game could chose from so it is nothing like the Grocs.

Also, I discussed this slightly with another developer before I actually posted a thread on the community forums to get the opinion of the community at large.

I do plan on doing some more writings based upon the Disturbed ancient civilization, but I have been busy the past two days, but i will make an announcement when I have added more “files” to the google docs.

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Wait, can’t we research them ourselves, in terms of building them from scratch without blueprints?


Researching it from scratch is what I prefer as well. I think it’s much better if the player is the first species to ever reach ascension thematically. It avoids a bunch of problems like why an ascended species is either gone or left behind any of their tech.


I think if implement the idea of an ancient empire, then the best option would be, then what did stellaris do. The conditional completion of the search gave you technologies / bonuses.
For example, some of conditional “masters of engineering” would give you a bonus to the speed of construction.


I do plan on having additional unlocks with the blueprints like energy weapons lasers, or stronger weapons and armor. However, more of this specific stuff would be discussed if this is decided to be a way to go (also it would require a lot of writing on my part so the earlier I know the earlier I can get to writing)

All ancient civilizations would be species that used the ascension gates. As for their cities, those will be abandoned (abandoned during the process of moving civilians onto ships to go through the ascension gate), but other sources of blueprints would be used ascension gates, crashed ships, space stations and ship graveyards.

Obviosuly this isn’t a finalized idea yet so tweaks can be made before a decision is made, but if this general idea is given the green light I will be doing a lot of writing as well as discussion on other races. (the only ancient civ who’s files will be available to the community will be those of the Disturbed civilization.)

I fear this would result in many players sitting in their small corner of the galaxy instead of exploring as they don’t want to take chances. Even if the blueprint concept is scrapped from this idea, I hope the files remain as that could still encourage exploration by players of the majority of the galaxy.

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Sorry 'bout that. I’ll avoid multi-posting as best I can.

What if, on your first playthrough, there are no ancient civilizations, and then on your next playthroughs, the ancient civilizations are actually from your past playthroughs? Sorry if I’m explaining this bad.

I get what you are trying to say, but it should be noted that the only things left behind of ancient civilizations are their cities, destroyed warships and occasional ascension gates. I have no problem having previously played species appear as present day civilizations however.

Each ancient civilization that one could encounter would have a design for their species, but it would never be used as a possible encountered civilization.

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All ancient civilizations would be species that used the ascension gates.

In my opinion, in the plans of the developers, (sort of as I understood) it was that the player is the first ascended species

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Juuzo is a developer, though I think I generally agree with you. imo, there could be other species that got close, and the player could find hints on how to build the gates in their ruins or something, but the player should be the first species/group to ascend