A field guide to the planet Tartarus (TU)

This will be a redesign and continuation of my TU world Tartarus simulator to others ill be making an ecosystem for this world one species at a time. I’ll be trying to make this as realistic as possible with full functioning taxonomy, realistic food webs and so on.

Planet: Tartarus

System Status

Star System Code: [BZ-106W-7223Q]

Stare System Location: Middle Seregon Arm

Planets: 6

Stars: 1

Planet Status

Artificial Satellites : 1

  • Zeus Space Station

Natural Satellites: 2

Status: Habitable

Diameter: 11447

Gravity: 0.8

Atmospheric density: 1.2

Average Temperature: 20C (68F)

Continents: 3

  • Ouranos (right)
  • Gaia (left)
  • Elysion (middle island)

Life Status

Life Complexity Level: Aware

Homologous Traits :

  • Six appendages
  • Two pairs of eyes (two facing foreword, two facing the side)
  • Air intakes on chest or upper back (Primary for cooling but also helps in respiratory)
  • Three hearts (one primary heart, one lung heart, and one backup heart for fight an flight)
  • Three pairs of lungs (one pair for oral, two pair for intakes)

Local Sapient Life: 0

Foreign Sapient Life: 1

  • Homo-sapiens