A interactive story game(inspired by zenzonegaming), the ForumGameMaster edition

I highly recommend to know what the backrooms is first of all(it is basically this made up place when people “noclip” or run through a wall, and due to some quantum thingy, end up here)

I see yellow carpet, fluroscent light buzzing crazily, and yellow walls, so… off… nostalgic… weird…

  • I should run
  • I should drink the carpet water
  • I should try to salvage electric parts from the fluroscent lights

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Alright, we shall salvage electric parts, all I found was a light and some wires, and a battery, what shall I do?

  • Just carry the electric parts around
  • Leave it there, and camp around the area
  • Break wires to form a electric weapon

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Alright, so we make the electric weapon.

  • Try to noclip into a wall
  • wander

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I wander for several minutes, just the same old yellow rooms and buzzing lights, but I just encountered a creepy mutilated human dog creature, what shall I do.

  • Fight it
  • Run
  • Noclip into a wall

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Is it dead?

no, you see, in the backrooms, there are these entities, so it is alive, since it chases you around and is aggressive