A kinda bad novel that I never finished: Sedna

Chapter 1: A Day in the Life of a Valanian

The lights come on and Neil wakes up. The blue lights took away some of his sleepiness, but he was still tired.
“Good… morning… bob.” Neil said, with a slurred voice.
“Good morning Neil. How was your sleep?”
“Great… I had an incredible dream, but I forgot to record…”
“What a pity. I will remind you of that next time.”
“Great, please open the windows, I need some sunlight to wake up.”
“Sure. here it is.”
From this very moment, the windows open, filling the room with natural daylight.
Neil leaves the room and leaves Bob lying on the bed, which would be unethical if Bob weren’t just a pillow.
Upon entering the room, he first looks at the huge windows in his room. He was so proud that his window looked out onto a beautiful garden in the building next door. “How lucky I am” This one said that every time he looked out the window.
After enjoying the view for a few long seconds, he went to make breakfast. Almond milk, a lettuce sandwich (The tomato was gone yesterday) and an apple. “Not bad for breakfast” he thought again. While eating, he started talking to Anna.
“Hi Anna, what’s the news today? Please only interesting ones. I don’t have the patience for anything that has to do with Açil.”
"Of course. Here it is. "A projection appears on your dining table “Scientists try to create intertwined quarks.”
“Huh?” He didn’t have much interest in quantum physics “Could you explain better?”
“Yes. I mean they’re trying to get particles of matter, into a state where they both get the same effects instantly, anywhere in the cosmos.”
“Amazing. Thank you Anna.”
“You’re welcome. It was a pleasure to help you, Neil.”
“I think that just “you’re welcome” is fine, you don’t need to say all that.”
After this little discuss, he goes to the bathroom, washes his face, finishing off the last drops of sleep in him. He briefly stopped to study her round face, with black hair and brown eyes. It would even be beautiful if it weren’t for the dark circles under his eyes, reminders of the time he spent hours looking at the night sky through a telescope.

At this point, he received a message from his schedule that he had scheduled the day before:
And that’s what he did. He left his apartment, went up a few floors and arrived in his Maxion.
The Maxions were flying vehicles, similar to cars, but in order for you to have one, you had to take a long and tiring course of 2 years.

Neil’s Maxion was silvery blue, and had been won two weeks ago, practically new.
Neil opened the door, sat on the bench, heard an excited voice:
“Neil! Where are we going today?”
“For Spaceport, please”
“Manual mode?” Said the vehicle, with an even more animated voice
“Sure, let’s go.”
Neil presses a few buttons, and Maxion starts to move, and consequently, to fly.
As he flew, Neil enjoyed the beautiful aerial view of the city of Kiwi, the capital of Valan. Buildings blended with nature, houses became small
bricks and birds swerved in surprise during the journey.
Finally, they arrived at the spaceport. Neil parked the Maxion and headed for the main building, a gleaming architectural construction of glass and steel, so grand it left Neil a little baffled for a few seconds, but he quickly regained his balance. He entered the building, typed a few things on a digital table, and received a small piece of paper, which he clumsily tucked into his pocket. He sat down and waited to be called. While he waited, he looked at a man to the side, and asked gently:
“Err, excuse me”
“Yes, do you want something?”
“No, it’s just a question, are you a sociologist”
“No, I’m a psychologist.”
“Oh right, sorry”
“It was nothing”
Neil had a little hobby of trying to guess what a person’s profession was. Sometimes he got it right, but in most cases he got it wrong miserably.

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