A mod for transitional cutscenes

Making cutscenes is extra work that ultimately doesnt add much to the game. Plus it goes against the gradual evolution our team is trying to evoke. But there are and will be people that still want them in the game. It gives a feeling of accomplishment. So i thought I’d make this thread for those people to brainstorm and cooperate to make them. We’ll start with Microbe to Multicellular, as that’s what being worked on right now.

Microbe to Multicellular
Pretty straight forward. One of the cells in your colony will break off, then divides into two cells attached. Those daughter cells become four. And soon enough, they’re a duplicate of the colony you started the cutscene as, solidifying your status as a multicellular being. Another cell splits off again, and that will be the one you play once this cutscene ends.

Multicellular to Aware
Your creature will pause in tracks. Your view will initiate something like an x-ray, focusing on the creature’s brain. It begins to secrete a flurry of murky colors, brightened by a bursting spark of light in the center, representing awareness. They now have a mind. Returning to a normal view, your creature examines the different parts of itself in newfound curiosity. With a slightly joyed expression they assume their normal position. Things are gonna get real. End of scene

I think I will help
Aware for Awakening
Your creature is curiously looking some rocks, while the rest of the group is eating in the background. Suddenly, a spark appears. Your creature is startled, but then begins to look closer. He concludes that it might be something useful, so he runs off to warn the group of her discovery.