A way of not using any energy to move using pulling cilia

By using the vortex cilia, you can attach your species to an iron chunk in a way, and then somehow it will push you places without needing to use WASD controls. That doesnt seem to obey the laws of physics.

we should edit the vortex cilia so it cost more ATP when useing vortex

That’s an effect of how the physics effect of the cilia pull is created. It literally creates a physics attraction zone. So Newton’s laws don’t apply to it. I’ve known about this basically since the pulling cilia was added, but as it is a kind of a fun gimmick and only like 3-4 people have even noticed, there’s no open issue about this.

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interesting, tho It would be very useful for the species I’m currently working on

But don’t the cilia only create the vortex when engulfing, and thus using extra energy?

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Someone would need to run the numbers, but it can probably be more energy efficient to pay the engulf energy cost rather than a massive movement cost at some point.