A Way to Visualize Your Species' Behavior

When configuring my species’ behavior, there’s no way to know exactly how it would act in game, and you can’t easily observe others of your species for a long period of time without the issue of your character being at risk.

It would be nice if there would be a better way to understand your species’ behavior, like letting the AI take over your character for a bit or when making changes to the behavior it might show a little screen next to it that visually shows how your species might react to certain situations with your current settings.


i feel like it’s a lot more realistic to keep it as is, there are a few behavioral options and i feel like it’s pretty clear the ball park of what they are supposed to do, but you have to trial and error it to get it right and it feels more natural and like evolution its self.

Yeah, I agree that it’s more realistic, but I think it’s a bit hard to trial and error your species’ behavior when they show up for only a moment on your screen and in those moments you’ll likely not see the full effects of each behavior.

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