Ability to name things / Ability to create solar system before game starts

So, I had this idea for a while (before I joined the community), and it was where we could name stuff in the game, like naming your religions, villages, organs, cities, and the planets in the sky. When you’re in a tribal society, you learn more about the heavens and name the planets? Aswell as name your own planet when in society.
I also had the idea of creating your system before you begin the game, so fans can play in the system they created for their species? You would have a limit, too, like 6 per terrestrial planets, and 6 per giants (though real ones would usually have 3 or 2) and you could have 1 or 2 suns, like double star systems. The thing is though, you cant name them yet, this goes with my astronomy idea about naming the things in the skies. I hope the devs see my idea, as I heard that you have to learn about more stuff to progress through the game, and this would be a really great idea. Thank you for listening to my ideas, and I hope you have a nice day ^.^


I think making your own system, while possible, should be optional. It’s always fun to be surprised.
Naming should definitely be a feature.
An overall cool idea. I hope the devs see this, too.


Yes, creating your own solar system would be cool indeed

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We are probably going to have only some options like selecting the type of star and the approximate number of planets. And then all the rest is randomly generated. But we can show the random seed like in minecraft where you can play on the “same” map as a friend by sharing the seed. Also as discussed here the player wouldn’t immediately be given all of the details about their solar system, they would have to explore it to discover all the planets.


Yes, exploring the planets would be a major thing to learn more about them.

Especially in the society stage, with astronomy and all that cool stuff.

Maybe some space telescopes?

It may be unrealistic but i think it would be fine to allow the player to name their planet at the start of the game (afte rits generated). Good for role play aswell.

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what a 2 month pause that was

seriously, I think it would be cool to name your planet, and maybe your system, but maybe only that. This way, there can be customisation, but still mystery…


I feel like all the player naming of things should wait until you’ve developed language, that would be a cool way to do it in my mind. You can start naming the plants and animals around you, and later geographic features and stars, when you get language, then as you’re naming more and more things, a folklore starts developing, progressing into a religion.

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Maybe creating mythology would be a cool idea. Centered around some religious beast. I should write that down.

I’ve always had this idea that polytheistic religions kind of evolve out of a gradual merging of spirits with related concepts into a single being. Like, say the preagricultural hunter gatherers have a bunch of individual spirits for every hill and tree and plant, those spirits start merging into gods with a influence over all things of that type, certain types are more resistant to this kind of change than others, notably mountains and rivers. But plant spirits seem to pretty easily merge into agricultural, death, and nature gods.