About the Bug Reports category


Report bugs in Thrive. Remember to include logs!

Each bug report should have its own thread. Before reporting a new bug look around to make sure it isn’t a duplicate.

In your report you should include as much detail as you can, including screenshots and crash reports. This will help us fix the issue as quickly as possible. Use the launcher to be able to view the game logs easily.

You shouldn’t include long logs directly in your post. Use a service like pastebin.com for logs that don’t fit in one post.

When including bits of logs use the “Hide details” option:

Like this

This text will be hidden to not make posts ridiculously long.

(BJMShaw) #2

About a minute into the game it crashes!


You should create a separate thread for your crash and include logs (use the launcher because otherwise you won’t see it).


I’ll close this thread to avoid getting any bug reports posted in this. If you want to comment about this category itself post a new topic in the #site-feedback category.

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