About the game languages listed on the Thrive Steam page

I have just recently dowloaded Steam to play the Inscryption demo. Out of curiosity, I checked the Steam page for Thrive.

It says the game is not available in my language (Italian). Although I’m pretty sure it is, as I worked on the translation myself :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Is that a choice or an oversight? I thought to write this post to notify you guys of it.

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The reason why I haven’t checked any of the boxes for the supported languages besides English is that then there would be an expectation from someone buying the game that the language is supported. So for example if we have one person doing the translations for a language x, and in a few years once we have a lot more content in the game and that person has left, we end up with basically not supported language anymore.

As a result I kinda don’t want to right now to promise that we’ll continue having translations for various languages. This same logic also applies to the Steam store page content, which can also be translated. Once we have progressed in the game development we need to update our store page, and we’d basically at that point have to either remove a translated store page or contract a translating agency to update the page (this will get very expensive fast if we have 10+ languages).