About the ideas for random game ending events

I think the idea of random instant game ending events aren’t a good idea, it would be frustrating to have to restart the game allover because of something random. Even if its rare.

I think dangerous events should at most decrease both your’s and the AI’s population and or rapidly change one or more biomes/areas, or do other harmful things to the player. (Ex: Asteroids, volcanic eruptions, aliens, ect.) [Not too harmful, it has to be survivable.]

Things like prespace age super novas, gamma ray lasers that destroy the entire planet in seconds, anything else like that shouldn’t be in the game at all unless they give the player a good chance of surviving it.


The final conclusion from earlier discussions about this subject was that the player should be able to disable/enable it themselves, probably in the game’s startup-menu. (Apparently some people like those things, I personally don’t get it either)

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I don’t remember people discussing them.

Personally, I’m a proponent of allowing disasters just because them being enabled will probably prevent the biosphere from getting too monotonous.

i have a suggestion for the devs on this topic, the game ending events should be something linked to the dificulty setting for example if you have it on easy mode nothing will happen,
medium difficulty it wil be like the first post says that the dangerous events will be hard but not game ending, and for hard mode it would be completly or almost completly game ending

I didn’t say that there shouldn’t be disasters, I said that they shouldn’t end the game right away without giving the player a chance to survive it.

Or maby there is a difrent game mode with a timer and u have to colonize a new planet by the end or you will die

speed mode

That probably depends.

If you’re the sort of species that mass extinctions tend to wipe out, survival’s a bit of a tall order. Hate to put it this way, but if a player chooses to go down the path of specialized megafauna (as much as I like them, sauropods are probably the most iconic offender) it’s hard to say they’re entitled to make it out of the event.

If you chose to play it safe and abide by principles of adaptability, then you’ve pretty much “earned” your survival. Plenty of exemplar survivors here.

Besides, from what I know, extinction isn’t inherently game-ending, much like dying. If you die, and your species is extinct, you respawn as a member of your closest relative within your clade (if you were playing as a dinosaur in the Cretaceous when the asteroid struck, you’d respawn as a bird).

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Yeah one of the games goals is to be acurate so mega extictions are in.

if so the mega extintions chance of happening should be connected to the difficulty setting

It should depend more on the stars location cuz in the arms and center there are many more gamma rays

then the planets themselves will have a difficulty rating deppending on their placement an natural variubals

Hmm u create the planets?

what do you mean by that

U create your planet so u can change its difficulty

makes scencs

All done i think.

cracks knuckles

The biggest discussion was in this thread on the older forum, it was also mentioned (but not really taken a lot further) here and here and in the new forum here
(There was also this thread, but discussion quickly subsided in there)


Thank you. I was sure I discussed disasters on this forum.


It’s a bit surreal seeing entire threads that I’ve apparently never seen before (since there seems to be no trace of me in them). Has it even been a year since we moved?