I hate sand: Start in a desert region and settle on a lush forest planet.

Grinding gears: Develop 200 different technologies.

Hey, I know you! Find a species from your different run.

300 IQ?: Develop a sapient species with either a superior intellect or just a big brain.

Binary: Discover and somehow colonise a planet in a binary star system.

Triple Threat: Simultaneously be invaded by 3 different empires.

Tasty Planet: As a single-cell organism, evolve to a Stentor by engulfing other cells.

See ya later, Alligator: Extinguish an entire species.

In a while, Crocodile: Become extinct.

CAAARL!: Discover the meat dragon.

R.ip Y.a a N.ew Build a handheld superweapon.

Vacuum of space?: Build a Dyson Sphere.

FTL FTW: Develop FTL travel.

Worms are gross: Use a wormhole to travel vast distances in space.

Warmonger: Wage 50 wars.

War crime: Nuke 5 countries.

Down with the aristocrats!: End a monarchy with a revolution.

Unstable Ally: Sever 10 alliances.

Very Unpopular: Make 10 enemies in the same game (civ stage).

Petty President: Start 5 wars for no reason.

Easter Bunny: Find 4 Easter Eggs.

Free Real Estate: Wipe out 5 sentient planets and colonise them.

Green is Good: Accumulate [absurd number of moneys] (currency).

Diamonds are so last week: Discover a diamond planet.

Stocks Striker: Destabilize the global economy.

Deal with the devil: Make deals with the local mob boss.

“Socializing”: As an animal, dance in front of 30 other animals.

No you can’t!: Prevent another nation from developing a new technology.

It wasn’t me, I swear!: Provoke a country to the point that they start a war with you.

Army: Develop a 4 armed creature.

Maybe Overkill: Outnumber am army you’re fighting 4:1.

WWW: Connect the world with satellites.

First!: Reach space in any way first (satellite, slingshot, etc.)

I am the senate: Become a dictator in an established democracy.

I have the high ground!: Kill a creature whilst in the air.

Not-so-omnipotent F’Narr: Destroy the F’Narr empire. (I don’t expect this one to be added, but it’s nice to imagine…)


More gun: Design an intelligent form of artillery capable of distinguishing between different species

Jumping the shark: Once reaching a galactic empire, collapse within 100 years

Planetary Oven: Heat your home planet to unlivable conditions due to greenhouse gases

If it works, it works: Continue to live on your home planet with the aid of technology

Maybe less gun: Have your intelligent artillery turn against your home planet

Groundbreaking: Drill through the planet’s crust

Good job: Crash the game


Gets flashbacks to the previous forum’s ‘Achievements’ thread

Fremen rider
Ride a worm creature (it must have no legs and move through the ground, so no snakes (though I’m not sure how the ‘no legs’ criteria would work with the editor))
Zerg rush
Reach the space stage as a hive-mind-esque species.
Enter the Metro
Experience nuclear apocalypse and have your species take shelter in re-purposed public transport. (Lose over half of your technologies and over 95% of your population due to nuclear weapons constitutes as nuclear apocalypse.)
The Battle of Five Armies
Have 5 species in awakening up to industrial stage at the same time and have a battle with every single one at the same time (very difficult, but can be reached using the God tools and a lot of time)
The XCOM project
In space stage, invade a species in industrial stage and be defeated due to them using your tech against you.
They said it could not be done
Smelt metal using hydrothermic vents. (Of course with the help of modern technology to protect yourself from the heat. Getting this achievement is more out of spite tbf)
on your own pace
Have a species surpass your stage (easiest the lower your stage is)
You’re going to extract him?
Use a fulton skyhook to move an enemy troop out of his own territory.

And, some less easter egg-esque achievements:
Beat the game in under the average time it would take to beat the game if one tries to go fast
I am speed
Develop a mode of transport (flagellum or cilia)
mom says I’m special!
Specialize a cell
smartest cookie in the jar
Discover a tech

Some achievements for the completionists.
The ultimate cell
Have a cell with each possible organelle (excluding ones that can’t work together of course, like cell walls and cilia)
Discover all possible techs
Resources to spare
Build a second ascension gate (before using the first one of course)

And if course, the stage achievements
just add more cell
Reach multicellular
even more cell
Reach aware
smart cells?
Reach awakening
This says a lot about our society
Reach society
insert deep quote about machines here (yep that’s literally the name)
Reach industry
Reach space
Reach ascension / beat the game


Isn’t awakening tribal?


I think so. Awakening is tribal and “creature stage” is aware.

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Oops I mixed up awakening with tribal stage. Spore is still in my mind I guess.


1: I’m not paid enough for this. have one of your battalions run away from a far greater force.
2:mini me. make a baby
3:king of the world. have one of your greatest ships crash into an iceberg and sink
4:clever girl. have a battalion get ambushed by a predatory pack animal
5:Bond James Bond. have your nation create a master spy
6:well whats the point of chains if he can do that! have it so that when a member of your civ goes to jail their hands get chained but not the prehensile tail

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Drop it like it’s hot: get burned

Hollaback Girl: develop an excretory organ

“Wow, we’re identical”: complete mitosis

Mr. Blue Sky: give a planet an atmosphere

You would not believe your eyes: develop bioluminescence

You shot first: engage in a battle in the industrial stage

Explicit content: use an extremely cruel method to kill another creature in any stage

Shake it off: remove a parasite


mine now:

are you sure this isn’t Spore?- find a species that look like the Grox.
the ancient aliens- using a space civilization creates and uplift humans.
wow, that’s original-evolve a human


Bout time

Thinking Bee!: develop eusociality

Existentialism included: grow a brain without any outside help from a spacefaring civilization

Left on read: unsuccessfully attempt to communicate with another civilization

Occupational hazard: create an above ground method of transporting electricity while your species is the same height or higher than said method

Friends with benefits: develop a symbiotic (mutualism) relationship

“Or dont Thrive you know whatever it’s fine…”: stay in microbial for over one day

Stuck: your species creates a type of artificial reality that is so alluring it stops them from moving to the next stage

That’s a lot of damage: a crack in a spaceship sucks out all of the essential gasses inside

Stay fresh!: evolve an aquatic life form into a terrestrial life form after an industrial civilization goes extinct

Drake would be proud: your race proves the Drake Equation either true or false

“I’m so quarky”: discover basic quantum physics

Be our guest: enter a living creature while surviving in any stage

I’m breathing in, the chemicals: pollute your atmosphere significantly

Kleptopredator: consume a species one minute after that species has consumed any kind of food

“I can stop whenever I want”: allow your species to be susceptible to addiction

1 horsepower: your species invents carriages


Microbe Stage
Microbe : Start the game as a prokaryote.
Learn… : Complete the tutorial.
and adapt. : Buy your first upgrade.
The Division : Reproduce your cell for the first time.
Ironborn : Use iron in your cell’s metabolism.
Symbiosis : Have a symbiotic relationship with another cell.
Organized… : Help your cell make phospholipid membranes inside itself (Buy a nucleus).
αnd prepared. : Develop a toxic agent.
Autotrophic : Buy a chloroplast, chromatophores or a thermoplast.
Heterotrophic : Buy a mitochondrion.
A new organelle : Engulf a bacteria that becomes an organelle.
A rare number : Reach generation 3.
Surviving : Reach generation 6.
Populating : Reach generation 9.
Being successful : Reach generation 12.
Winning : Reach generation 15.
Unification Day : Form a cell colony.

Multicellular : Begin the Multicellular stage.
Toward sentience : Develop a nervous system.

Aware : Begin the Aware stage.
Sapience : Start to craft and use tools.

Awakening : Begin the Awakening stage.
Together Strong : Build a Society Center.

Society : Begin the Society stage.
Advanced : Have sufficiently advanced technologies.

Industrial : Begin the industrial stage.
Odd similarity : Go through the game while having a history similar to humans’ (Microbe stage to Industrial stage).
Synthetic rebellion : Discover the robotic threat (robots rebellion).
Big old EMP charges : Win against the robotic threat.
Cold-hearted killers : Lose against the robotic threat.
Screw the Matrix : Overthrow the robotic threat by leading a resistance.
XCOM : Discover the new threat (aliens attacks on Earth).
Combine : Lose against the alien threat.
Seven Hour War : Lose against the alien threat in exactly or approximately seven hours.
Omicron’s opinion about The Elders’ IQ : Win against the alien threat.
Orange Crowbar : Overthrow the aliens by leading a resistance.
Being RoboRomb : Find a way to travel through space.

Space : Begin the Space stage.
Manifest Destiny : Find out what happened to humans.
Humanity’s savior : Revive or save humanity after finding out what happened to humans if need be.
Becoming a God : Reach the Ascension stage.
Earth Share : Help humans reach the Ascension stage.

Ascension : Begin the Ascension stage.

P.S.: Try to make reference to tv shows, other video games, novels, movies, quotes, etc. Or even inside jokes, if you want to.

feeling hot,hot,hot: evolve a species that can get near a hydro-thermal vent…and survive.
turn on the heat, please: evolve a species in a world that is freezing.
i’m chuck norris!!: won a war where your nation is fighting against 5 or more nations.
psy?: evolve a duck-like creature
black hole sun: find a black hole


“No, that big red button”: end your civilization with one action

Let it grow: seed a plant-like life form on an uninhabited planet

“I just need the time and place to come through”: ask another spacefaring civilization for coordinates for some kind of faster than light travel

“Identity theft is not a joke Jim!”: copy the genetic code of another species and splice it with your own

The Fred and George path: evolve your species to give birth in pairs

We don’t do that here: successfully abolish slavery on your home planet

Ever pull the wing off a fly? Care to see the fly get even?: a previous pest becomes a serious threat to your species

We’ll paint it red, to fit right in: evolve a kind of camouflage on a planet that is primarily red (due to iron-oxide or any other method)

A soft option: your species is primarily pacifistic

My darling we’re both on the wing look down and keep on singing: your species develops or evolves a mechanism to become lighter than air

One Hit Wonder: evolve a mechanism that allows your species to remain fundamentally the same for at least a billion years

Friends don’t lie: your mutualistic partner turns parasitic

Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart. It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun.: Experience a supernova

Now that you’re dead, what are you going to do with your life?: go extinct in the industrial stage

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone: evaporate your atmosphere

Don’t you know that you’re toxic?: retain toxicity from microbial all the way through spacefaring

“Space ranger”: meet a spacefaring organism in the industrial stage

Beep beep, “Seatbelts everyone!”: make a yellow space traveling vehicle

Spooky, scary _________ send shivers down your _____: evolve a skeletal system and retain it for at least industrial stage

what the…?: as a human, create an uplift…humans
we are the borg: make your species cyborgs
ohhh, here you are: find Earth
it’s a planet of apes: uplift gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees…and eliminate humans
together, we are stronger: the same as above, but in this case, you don’t eliminate humans: you uplift them too.
is a mad house: uplift all creatures of Earth…
Thrivecepction: in industrial age…your species develop an evolution game similar to Thrive
where do you learn to fly?: crash yous spaceship 3 minutes after you reach the space stage


We’re in the endgame now: turn off LAWK (life as we know it)

“They say all’s fair in love and war, but I won’t need to fight it we’ll be united!”: meet a peaceful spacefaring civilization while also being a peaceful spacefaring civilization

What’s in your wallet?: steal from another civilization (spacefaring or otherwise)

Spider-Man?: evolve a kind of biological suspension method

Bosons, gluons, and quarks, oh my: discover advanced quantum physics

Rain World: recreate the entire plot of rain world (why yes, I am to lazy to write out all that includes)

I’M NOT AN OWL!: become a sort of joint transmission between two spacefaring civilizations

If my heart was a house you’d be home: allow a parasite entrance into your species’ blood stream (blood being any fluid that carries nutrients though your body)

“Wack”: become fundamentally asymmetrical in the late multicellular stage or any of the aware stage

Target self-checkout camera: as a spacefaring civilization startle another species with your appearance alone

Hindsight: evolve an optical organ in the back of your species

Slenderman incarnate: become 3 meters tall and less than one meter wide

Nostalgic…: successfully create life from inorganic parts to make a cell

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age of war: start a war in the awakening stage and finish it in the space stage
hey, that’s my planet!!: colonize a planet that has already a sapient creature
sorry, we didn’t see you: colonize a planet that has an aquatic or a subterranean sapient creature
jumanji!!: evolve a sapient creature in the jungle
i, tarzan: evolve an arborean sapient creature
fly away from here: evolve a flying sapient creature
you laugh at the devs: reach the society stage a an underwater creature using hydrothermal vents to melt metals
the devs laugh at you: go to land to reach the industrial stage
decide at once!!: take an aquatic creature and 1) evolve it to a terrestrial creature, then evolve that creature to an aquatic creature, and then, repeat five times…
under the sea: evolve a mermaid
under the sea, under the sea: create and uplift a mermaid
teenage mutant ninja turtles: evolve an armored sapient creature that is, also, fast and agile
H.G. Wells aproves this: evolve a martian of the “War Of The Worlds” novel
you need to read WOTW: invade a planet and fail because of a small detail you didn’t considered
Tri-pod: invade a planet using three-legged machines
landshark!!: evolve a terrestrial shark-like creature
kong-frontation: find a giant “ape”
Look at my new appendix: evolve a sapient creature with tail
now i have a third arm: evolve a sapient creature with a prehensile tail
is only for decoration: evolve a sapient creature with a fluffy tail
are you kidding me?: evolve a sapient creature with a short tail
now, you are messing with me: evolve a sapient creature with a boneless tail
lord of the underworld: develope a subterranean civilization
are you sure this is a tail?: evolve a tail that has a hand in the tip
what is love?: evolve an asexual creature
bears are bad news: evolve a bear-like creature
fthag’n: evolve a winged octopod
pika?: evolve an electric “mouse”
is devolution, baby: downlift an alien civilization
is deeevolution, is deeevolutiooooon: downlift five alien civilizations
stellaris in a nutshell: wage war against every alien civilization you encounter
this…is…SPARTAAA!!!: destroy an enemy army with an army of 300 soldiers


Hey, I wrote a post quite a while ago about achievements, and I’ve read on the devs forums that many were putting impossible achievements. My post has possible achievements. What do you think about it?

Is that achievement list complete, or does it still lack some achievements?

Also, if the game is put into Steam, will the achievements be on Steam? This way, it wouldn’t be like Spore in which you cannot share your achievements on Steam (they are only in-game).

Probably this post and the two preceding it could be moved to the achievements thread if a mod is passing :slight_smile:

I am not sure there is an achievements list is there? There is a long thread with lots of ideas in which is cool however I don’t think any have been selected so far.

Personally I think the most interesting way to use achievements is to encourage people to play in an unusual way.