You hate me,
I hate you,
We’re one angry primordial stew.

Yes, I have resurrected the long-dead achievement thread.
Good bye peaceful forum…

Anyways, you know what to do.

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Fine, I’ll make a proper introduction.

Welcome to the Achievements thread, where you can artificially increase your post amount with no implications!
Feel free to suggest as many achievements as you like, and don’t be sad when you realise the crushing truth that at least 90% of the achievement suggested here will never make it into the game because either the way of getting it is not really an achievement, or it is just downright silly, too silly to make it into the game!

Happy posting, and remember- let’s reach that 10000 post limit!

what have we done
also i feel like i’ve been a bit too harsh



Also, to prevent total chaos, there is only one Rule:

  1. Each post must have at least 3 achievement ideas, and you cannot double post. Wait until someone else has posted some ideas.

We have unleashed hell

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Ok, i got some here:

  1. Frankencell: finish the microbe stage with at least one plant part and one creature part

  2. What Is War?: finish any stages with no major conflict with species/factions

  3. envelop a cell for the first time

  4. Please sir, i want seconds!: run out of at least one of the compounds you need

hElP mE

Here we go, the monstrocity that this (apparently) is.

We Gave You Your Fire: Uplift a primitive species into a higher technology level.
Dream Producer: Become a sapient plant.
Hooray For Friends: Develop a herd.
Wall 2: Create an energy shield that surrounds your home planet.
I Can Walk: Destroy your home planet unintentionally.
Leave the Cradle: Destroy your home planet intentionally.
Screw the rules, I make the rules!: Get out of an international law violation by changing the international laws.


Here we go:

  1. Xenophobia: Wipe out an alien race. (Space)

  2. A New Kind Of War: Enter an arms race with another nation. (Industrial / Space)

  3. Better Together: Bind with another cell and become multicellular. (Microbe)

  4. Genesis: Create life on a previously barren planet. (Space / Ascension)

  5. I Was Just Hungry: Engulf (insert number) cells. (Microbe)

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  1. Is that legal?: Create a deity with a god called Spode
  2. I sense a disturbance: Develop a creature that resembles the Disturbance
  3. Slipstream: Add 10+ flagellums to a cell, and zoom around
  4. Against all odds: Reach sapience with no eyes
  5. The butterfly effect x100: Somehow evolve a flying creature that weighs over 6000 kg

Not an achievement, but a question: Why are we “not allowed” to have more than 5 achievements in the same thread? Wouldn’t that just mean people will make even more posts so they can post all their totally great ideas for achievements that will totally make it into this game, for sure!..?


I don’t know. Perhaps to reduce the chance of people posting huge walls of texts to keep the topic feeling better filled with small ideas from many people. I don’t really see the point in having that rule.

  1. You need tires, you idiot!: finish the Aware stage with no legs

  2. Server admin joined: enter the final stage of Thrive

  3. Mystery date: inbreed with a relative species

Alright, I changed the rule. Hows zat?

  1. YouTube Fame: Complete the game as a pitiful worm

  2. Supremacy: Kill all species of a certain color (preferably Blue)
    (that sounds so bad but its just a thrive meme from the stream)

  3. Was it worth it/ Watching grass grow: play 24 hours as a plant in aware stage

  4. Evolution has layers: turn an onion into Shrek


i understood that reference, the “pitiful worm” one

1: Orwellian: Rule your entire population unquestioned and with an iron fist.

2: Survivor: Live through a mass extinction event.

3: The Final Frontier: Unlock interstellar travel.

4: A New World: Discover and set up a colony on a different continent.

5: First Contact: Discover life outside of your home planet.

6: Castaway: Accidentally End up on a different landmass. (Aware Stage)

7: Star Power: Create a Dyson Structure.

8: What Could Go Wrong?: Invent the Atom Bomb.

9: What Have We Done: Accidentally destroy your own home planet. (I.e. creating a black hole, creating nanobots that consume the planet trying to make more cars, etc.)

10: You Made It: Reach Ascension stage. It’s been a long way.

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  1. Achievement Thread - Get An Achievement Posted in The Achievement Thread
    2.IT OVER 9000! - Play For Over 9000 Hours
    3.The feeling of sense of pride and accomplishment. - Name Your Species “EA”
    4.Cheater Never Win - Hack/Edit Your Save File
    5.The Matrix - Open Up The Developer Console
    6.Reality Manipulation - Install A Mod
  2. Achievement Thread 2.0 - Get An Achievement From The New Achievement Thread
  3. The Luigi Award - Stay Alive for 10 Minute Doing Nothing
    9.The Luigi Collection - Beat The Game Doing The Luigi Award In Every Stage
  4. Darwin Finches - Research Evolution
    11.How Are Babby Made? -Reproduce for the first time
    12.Nature Inspired - Name Your Organism The Same as A Real Species
  5. You Monster - Kill A Member Of Your Own Species For Food
  6. YOU MONSTER!!! - Destroy An Entire Planet
  7. Who Live In Pineapple Under The Sea - name Your Species Sponge bob
    16.The Darwin Award - You Killed Yourself
  1. u is smrts: Open the Game
  2. After all I’ve done for you: Get to space stage with a species that doesn’t believe in evolution
  3. Doomed from the beginning: Create an artificial black hole right next to your homeworld
  4. The pale blue dot: As your space probe leaves the star system, angle it back to take one last photo of your planet
  5. That can’t be right: Successfully start microbial life on land
  6. So long, and thanks for all the fish: Reach space stage as an aquatic species
  1. Make A Man Out Of You: Create A Human
  2. Copyright Infringement: Recreate a creature from another piece of media.
  3. Hail Hydra: Make a Creature with 3 heads or more.
  4. Deja Vu: Recreate a creature you have made before. (Ex: Create the same creature in 2 different profiles)
  5. Grox999: Create a cyborg race and name them “Grox”
  6. Ayyyy LMAO: Create “The Greys”
  7. War Never Changes: Start 500 wars in a single game.
  8. Peace Man: Reach The Space Stage without fighting anything.
  9. Gojira: Create A Kaiju-Sized Creature.
  10. Welcome to Jurassic World: Create a Dinosaur.
  1. What goes in must come out: Make a creature with no anus
  2. GOD LEFT ME UNFINISHED: Make a creature with an asymmetrical design
  3. Ant-Thing: Make the smallest possible creature in aware stage
  4. Living on the edge: Somehow make it to tribal stage while on the edge of extinction
  5. I reject science: Get to space using a steam engine
  6. Fat Boi: Make the largest possible microbe before moving onto the multicellular stage
  7. Efficiency at its finest: Evolve a creature that must manually squeeze it’s own torso to breath
  8. Cliffhanger: Quit the game during a cutscene
  1. Life As We Don’t Know - Play with LAWK turned off.
  2. Blood Sucker - Create an hematophagous animal.
  3. Frost Bite - Create a predator adapted for cold environments.
  4. Bigger Fish - Be eaten by another predator.
  5. Smaller Fish - Eat another predator.
  1. Im Steve!
    Reach the Galactic Core.

  2. Its a trap!
    Ambuscade and kill a fish-like creature.

  3. Cycle of life
    Kill a creature that just killed a creature that just
    killed a creature…

  4. Thrivecraft
    Create a complete angular species.

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