Advanced Armor

Man bombers fly higher than fighters and more health means a bigger target
edit also: all tanks are not prey for bombers they can actualy run away and that wall isnt goint fast and is a huge target and a waste of recurses u guys have the same problem as Hitler 1 viachle cant win the war we need combined arms war also Hitlers super wepons were more of an psicological atack than an fisical one
edit 2: why whoud you need 1 huge wall and if u want that u can build an bunker complex the wall isnt moving very fast how huge u explain it so is may as well be stacionary i see this move 0,4 KM in a day

Idk how big you think this thing is, but it would only be a bit taller and wider than modern day tank. It would be a lot longer though. It should be able to move with a decent speed although infantry should be able to keep pace with it at running speed, I think it could be faster than that even. The segmented design also mean each section could have it’s own weapon, AA, AT, maybe some machine guns or an HE grenade launcher turret to deal with infantry. This thing is meant to be a mobile fortress that would be escorted by other tanks and infantry.

But why not just make multiple, normal battle tanks, combined with a couple IFC’s/APC’s and armored resource transports?

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i asked my father (a major) if he whoud like ur tank and he sed no
edit: also if i was on ur enemys team i whoud just asult ur land battle ship to get metal for my tanks/ammo

This design is not meant for assault, it is a mobile frontline support vehicle designed for long range combat, machine guns and other anti-infantry weapons are in case the enemy catch it by surprise, the reason for the design is that it has a large amount of spare ammo, allied troops and vehicles can use it as a supply point. So, it would be on the frontlines but firing from far away and being primarily used as a supply point.

but u can use Anti infranty tanks/jeeps and suply trucks with ur fortres ur putting all of ur eggs in one bascet

Not quite the case.

Fighters are aircraft designed to take down other aircraft, including bombers. There’s nothing inherently keeping them from meeting bombers at high altitudes.

Here’s World War 2 footage:

And a recent news headline (if fighters flew lower than bombers, then the UK wouldn’t send fighters in the first place, because they wouldn’t be able to fly high enough to scare off the Russian bomber):

Not with today’s tech.

Take a look at that article. See that picture about halfway through? That’s a bomber’s bomb going after a tiny speedboat.

If a speedboat can’t escape, then there’s no way a tank will.

EDIT: Changed wording, didn’t want to start trouble.

Ok but i font see enything the video is crap there might be a speed boat and it was brobobly chased by a torpedo

You try making a 1080p coloured video during 1939-1945


I know but he can see something (a boat planes)

This thread is misleading, you should’ve called it tank designs instead. So I’ll shift over to actual advanced battle armour.

I’ve always been interested with the military applications of spider silk. From what I’ve read, its strength comes from its extraordinary resistance to pressure. It can extend to up to 3 times it’s original size, making it a very flexible material. Plus, if we find a way to industrialize it, it’s like farming normal silk, which is probably cheaper than kevlar. I think it’s a good candidate for a military suit of armour, or maybe even a shield.

What do you all think?