Advice on how to convert to multicellularity?

Hello, having a bit of trouble figuring out how to play Multicellular. My problems are twofold-

-I seem to get much less energy-inefficient as I group up, resulting in multiple bound cells or early multicellular organisms easily starving.
-Being bigger massively reduces speed and agility, making it difficult to remain competitive with faster, more dangerous amoebae.

Anyone got any advice on that front? Is there a hidden energy debt to binding, similarly to how there’s an obvious energy debt for becoming eukaryotic?

-Colonies don’t share ATP, so you will have to make all of them produce their own ATP or make specialised cells which produce enough resources to feed the rest of the multicellular organism

-Add flagellum to every cell, or make specialised speed cells


I may be in some trouble soon then… Oh no…

When whas the multy cellular stage added in 0.5.8?