AI Dungeon settup

So, this is just where people can set up playing AI dungeon, or, really any game, if they don’t know how to contact someone outside of the forums.

Wait whats the point of this thread? Im not able to understand what the first part means

Basically it’s where people can set up multiplayer games on this website.

I didnt know you could play multiplayer in AI dungeon. I just started playing it like an hour ago

All you have to do is set up an account, which only takes your e-mail, and setting up a username/password

I also literally only started playing like, 20 minutes ago so, I’m just testing this out.
For the multiplayer thing the code is:
if anyone wants to join.

how do you play multiplayer?

You click play, then scroll down and click multiplayer, then put in the code.

i guess ill join!

btw im asujiin in the AI dungeon multiplayer thing
also changed the memo for the AI to: “Nigel changes his name after every time he says something”

the Ai dungeon with multiplayer acts like the one sentence story bulding thread here on the community forums

I started a new one, in case anyone wanted to join: jOnE17qZ Let’s try now to do something rational

Ai dungeons multiplayer is bugging out for me now

Anyone want to try this again?

Why not?
(Post filler)

Is dead? Hmmmmmmmmnn

please dont fluff post and necropost at the same time


At least I was asking a question, and you answered, so it is not dead, thank you for your time.

It’s not dead, this is just a place to set up a multiplayer AI dungeon.

I made a new one: HYzlWuMc if anyone wants to join, I’ll be there playing too