AI generated image madness(Use

Rules: photos must have a weird or experimental prompt. Creative prompts are acceptable, but common prompts(apple tree) are discouraged. Please use pasteboard to upload your images and share the link.
Photo one
Prompt: descending the 1832491iuhsdfhwhdhfjkhwoif23o!!!//??#?//#
Style: Realistic v2

Photo two- Same style as last time
Prompt: 2uheuihuu32h9uehhisudfjh299h3

Trigger warning
Style: No style
Prompt- emotional damage

prompt: art generator is very confused
style: buliojourney v2

prompt: invasion of the backrooms
style: buliojourney v2


I’ll allow this to thread continue, but only if everyone finds their own image hosting and doesn’t take up the forum’s storage space by uploading images here.


how much storage does the forum have roughly in GB or TB?

not enough for too many images

Infinite (well the storage provider would probably start asking some questions around the Petabyte mark). It’s just that it costs money forever for a file to be stored. So each additional kilobyte of storage costs each month until the end of time. At some point the monthly cost will become prohibitive and some actions have to be taken.

That’s why I don’t want random / non-Thrive related images uploaded here because it doesn’t further the primary purpose of these forums but costs money until the end of time (or until the posts are deleted and the images cleared from storage). So it is just much simpler to tell users to not upload random pointless images that will inflate the hosting bill. is a pretty useful hosting service. It makes it easy for the images to be embedded.

Prompt: Kamojrab Jemebbob Ahnem Helejahah. Kbdurhrahse Kjelljehh Abghrehhe’mnehhe!
Style: Realistic V2


Prompt: A night in the forest with the furtive cheesecake thieves. Bleep. Blorp. Bloop.
Style: Dark Fantasy

Prompt: Supa cute squiddy boi
Style: Gloomy

Prompt: The sound of shattered glass in OUTER SPAAAAACE
Style: Horror V2