Air Civilizations

I know the whole thing about underwater civilizations, but what about ‘air - faring’ civilizations?

Definitely more plausible than underwater ones, as they can possibly use stuff you could use on land up above.

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Like living on blimps, sky cities, sky blimp cities…

Or what about, space living civilisations?

To live in space you’d need to adapt to those conditions because:
1: There is literally no oxygen in the vaccum of space.
2:You would lose consciousness in 15 seconds.
3:There is no air pressure in space, so all your bodily fluids would ‘boil’.

There could be a certain evolutionary path you’d take to reach that state, but we haven’t gone down that rabbit hole yet.

But, would air civilizations have the need of land vehicles?

  1. No need to be an belgiumhole
  2. I meant living in space via space colonies/giant space ships
  3. Think before you say something

Oh. Duh. I thought you meant a species that evolved in space, though that is highly inplausible.

Space colonies will likely be in the future game, but there could be a limit to how large you build them. And there could be a series of steps to build each station.

space living species can exist, they would just need to have a pressure resistant exoskeleton and a symbiotic relationship with a plant.

There are no species we know of that live in space but there is one species that can survive in space not live in it and that creature is the tardigrade or waterbear.
But a civ that lives in the clouds is an intresting idea

what about giant tardigrades with a transparent pocket for plants, and their breathing thing-a-ma-bob is in the transparent pocket for plants.

Huh thats a good idea

thanks! I’ve had this idea for a bit now

The thing is with Tardigrades that they can only survives the extreme circumstances (heat, vacuum, etc.) if they go in complete survival mode, where they dry up and slow their metabolism a lot. To ellaborate, it can survive those conditions for a while, but it can’t move, eat or reproduce. Also, the only reason it can survive those conditions in survival mode is because of how simple and small they are, if they were bigger and more complex they would lose a lot of survivability

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the space tardigrades have adapted to conditions in space

Yeah they could be adapted to live in space, but could they live in the sky or in the lower atmosphere

A secies in space is implausible, but not impossible. The thing is, while some sort of cell-like organism can easily survive in space, and could evolve in space, a sentient organisim is different.

Yes, that is one way. Another is for it to be like an animal, but feed off of something else. Taking methane from planets, and taking energy (Less likely), or, it might not even be an organisim like we think of it! (A cloud of gasses kept stable via magnetic fields. The placment of the gases generates magnetic fields, keeping it stable, and electric pulses through the gas. Now, this entity absorbs energy like a plant, but uses it differently. Basicly, giant, gas based lichen)

a space based organisim should be capable of going though at least thin atmospheres, and probally more!

See: Leviathan
It’s a pretty fair idea

and, how did this get from air to space? Well, at least space is cooler! In more ways than one!

I think that a underwater civilisation hasn’t been given enough thought.
The tardigrade idea would work perfectly.

Oh, you poor, innocent internet user.
You have no idea how much thought has been given to underwater civilisations.


fair enough. I just don’t know how much exactly since I’m not privy to that information. not to mention, my idea of “advanced thought” is probally more complex than yours, since I like to consider all possible outcomes. And I mean all (This game has a very, very small chance of triggering a reaction that destroys earh)

That’s a weird way of saying you have an overinflated sense of ego


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