Air Civilizations

Huh thats a good idea

thanks! I’ve had this idea for a bit now

The thing is with Tardigrades that they can only survives the extreme circumstances (heat, vacuum, etc.) if they go in complete survival mode, where they dry up and slow their metabolism a lot. To ellaborate, it can survive those conditions for a while, but it can’t move, eat or reproduce. Also, the only reason it can survive those conditions in survival mode is because of how simple and small they are, if they were bigger and more complex they would lose a lot of survivability

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the space tardigrades have adapted to conditions in space

Yeah they could be adapted to live in space, but could they live in the sky or in the lower atmosphere

A secies in space is implausible, but not impossible. The thing is, while some sort of cell-like organism can easily survive in space, and could evolve in space, a sentient organisim is different.

Yes, that is one way. Another is for it to be like an animal, but feed off of something else. Taking methane from planets, and taking energy (Less likely), or, it might not even be an organisim like we think of it! (A cloud of gasses kept stable via magnetic fields. The placment of the gases generates magnetic fields, keeping it stable, and electric pulses through the gas. Now, this entity absorbs energy like a plant, but uses it differently. Basicly, giant, gas based lichen)

a space based organisim should be capable of going though at least thin atmospheres, and probally more!

See: Leviathan
It’s a pretty fair idea

and, how did this get from air to space? Well, at least space is cooler! In more ways than one!

I think that a underwater civilisation hasn’t been given enough thought.
The tardigrade idea would work perfectly.

Oh, you poor, innocent internet user.
You have no idea how much thought has been given to underwater civilisations.


fair enough. I just don’t know how much exactly since I’m not privy to that information. not to mention, my idea of “advanced thought” is probally more complex than yours, since I like to consider all possible outcomes. And I mean all (This game has a very, very small chance of triggering a reaction that destroys earh)

That’s a weird way of saying you have an overinflated sense of ego


Hmm, yes… I too must concur with this proposition regarding the status of their egotistically raised sense of self worth as well as their highly abnormal method of outlining such

I obviously wrote it wrong. Now, here is what I meant

You don’t think things through much. Therefore, someone who does think things through thorly, weiing all options, is thinking more complex. You just look at something, and say what you are thinking (Personally, I understand, and envy, your honesty), but, you don’t say “I agree that he is egotistical”, you have to put in a small slight at the beginning/ end.

All of your replies to my comments have been rude. With the underwater civilisation, you where being very patronizing and insulting. Here you are just being insulting. Not because of the ego part (That hurts, but isn’t an insult), but because self worth, and abnormal, and so on. It seems like you are purpusly writing that one to be confusing. I don’t know why, but all of your posts have been hurtful to me. I don’t know if it’s me or you, but obviously we started off on the wrong foot (It’s that, or you are just not a nice person)

Now, let’s addres the ego part.
Yes, I weigh all my options. Yes, my critical thinking is slightly higer than averae. Yes, I am more inteleigent than most. But, I can’t do sports for the life of me. I struggle to get along with people (Not ego, just the way I talk, and struggle with social skills). So, it balences out. Now, how significant do I feel? Like a insignificant dot on an insignificant planet in an insignificant galaxy in a vast cosmos! I don’t exactly feel like I have much worth…

now, another thing. People who are more intelligent, or stronger, or just have slightly more strengths, all struggle with egos. I, therefore, am no different, and I know it. So, my soloution? I force myself to stay humble. Therefore, the “ego” conversation hits a bit too close to home (Makes me wonder if I need a bigger metaphoricle pin), but others being rude about someones mistake? That right there is worse. Much worse.

Besides, complex thought isn’t necesarily a good thing. Being mauled by a grizzly bear? No time for “is it right to kill the bear. I am in it’s territory, but I do need to live, but is it worth it. Is my life worth more than a grizly bears? Barley, bbut shouldn’t he live? But, then again, once a animal attacks a human, they get used to it and do it again, and again”. By then, you dead you are. But "Hm… grizzly bear. Rifle there. Okay, aim for (I forget the pattern)

Alright. I see where this is going, and I’m afraid I have to disagree. You have merely assumed that the underwater civilization hasn’t been given enough thought. That is wrong on so many levels, there isn’t a single new idea that hasn’t been discussed. In fact, this debate has been raging on for ages, even before the migration onto this forum. So please don’t go around disregarding all of the work people have put into the conversation.

That is rude, presumptuous and false. I give things a lot of thought. I have given an unholy shit ton of thought to this particular topic, and have concluded (along with many others) that an underwater civilization wouldn’t be able to progress pass the ‘stone age’ (or the equivalent in their world) as they cannot smelt metal, not even using geothermal vents.

That must be so difficult for you, I can only imagine what it must be like up there in Mount Olympus. You accuse me of being patronizing and rude, when littered throughout your whole piece are little jabs and belittling comments aimed at me. Think before you make a 10 page essay with no merit.


Or that “more complex than yours”, I am sorry. That, while not consisly meant to hurt, well, unconsisly… well sorry

And, that ego thing? Wow was I not formuolating my thoughts well. You have talents, and we all struggle with egos. I try to keep mine under controll. (And, obviously need to try harder. Based on people I have met, extrapolation, papers, gueswork, theorys, and contemplating that I really need to get out more, I think, while I do have a bit too much of an ego, that I am not egotistical. Somewhere between, which makes finding a soloution so much more difficult!)

Personally, I understand, and envy, your honesty. That was a compliment (In case it didin’t seem like it. I just realized it could also be read as a cloaked insult… nope. Compliment)

I am not “disregarding” the conversation. Did you think of the lens idea? Like I said there: Improbable. But, let’s agree to disagree on that, since that is part of our fight

And, for the “other comments are rude”, I forgot the context (It was the one where you mentioned the flu, and what your post had in it, combined with certin alterations in mu memories morphed what you put into a memory of an insult). Oops…

And, I, while disagree with the mt. Olympus reference, I must say, nice! And, if that where the case, “quite cold”, and, since I hate the cold…

So, let me say this. While there are parts up in your reply that I dissagree with, I won’t get into it, since that get’s missinterpreted, that misinterpretation gets misinterpreted… talk about telephone! Well, I’m fixing it by stopping that cycle!

I’m sorry. I hope we can put this behind us


Boi. Let’s just put it this way: don’t go ‘I’m smarter than you’. Instead, prove it. Do the thing:

Once this is done, you can flex about your level if critical thought being higher than average. (Though it would mostly prove you have more spare time tbf…)

EDIT: You could even ask @Steve’s help, since IIRC he has already done some basic research on it.

Actually I have a decently large equation lined up, but my research into it had lead me to a dead stop and it has been for nearly a year. DAMN YOU COULOMBS!

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I am not saying “I am smarter”

And, the above one is an appology

I can’t help but notice that you gave me a warning, when he was also a paprt of it

And, I am sorry again, If you notice, in each one of them, I was trying to stop the cycle, and in which one people are misinterpreting

I will put it out there
I am not smarter than other people. Those paragraphs of mine prove that! So stop saying I am saying I am smarter, since I am not saying I am smarter than others. I was just trying (and failing) to explian in a simple, easy to use (If I didin’t it would be long), manor that I, while I might have an ego, am not Egotistical and e an over inflated ego. That was hurtful.

And, I do have ideas on how an air civilization would work

Now, assuming this is a civilization that is on ships that hover, well, they have advanced tech, but could use a smeltery/ mirror system/ other

But, if they are flying, and no ships, and can barley move while walking, they are like birds, that is different.since thay can’t make planes that they can fly next to and work, the first thign after the stones is, if they find loose chunks of iron, use it, make some sort ow salking device, then start mettal! That means that understand the wheel. While unlikly, they just need a theoretical knowledge of pullys and such, and then go on like semi-normal

So, that’s air (this thread), what about water, asks the person with whom I am talking too.

A species could be able to use silver as a mirror. Since silver is very malleable, all they have to do is warm it up enonough with the vent. Then, the reflect larg amounts of sunlight. They produce a “lens” by reflecting light in a single area up, where a mirro directs it one way, and then it sent down the the bottom. A species could keep it afloat with some of that mysterious floaty thing that is rare (Wood), and, after a while, they can complentate why they have ch a convulted existance

And, why do you mention @steve

What, does he get treated meanly by members of the community as well? That’s the only feasible answer, seeing as your entire paragraph was on what I did wrong, and what I did wrong was caused by ya’ll saying I did something wrong, when I didin’t. When I try to be understanding and work it through, ya’ll just continue.

Take @QuantumCrab
“It must be nice up there on mt. Olympus”

Oh, nice. Talking about how I was being insulting, and he did nothing wrong. What did I say? I did something wrong, so did you (quantum crab). And, even if I where more intelignet (Which we have established I am not, you probally just ignored that line),. So, each of your paragraphs here have been filled with insults, and I’m tired of it.

What in the dimensional christ is this thread? What happened? Why did it happen?


Cth2004 posted that Underwater Civilizations had not been given enough thought, then QuantumCrab came into correct him, and then the rest of the Disaster Dominoes toppled from there.


Cth2004 seems to be an interesting person.

Three things:

  1. He is
  2. Look at that, I’m multicellular
  3. Aren’t you gonna post about “Disaster Dominoes?”
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