Alien Cartography and exploring new places

I’ve was thinking of this on the way home after seeing Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom for the 2nd time.

When your species get around to the society or industrial age, they’ll be building large ships to explore beyond the coasts of their territory. If and when you can learn cartography, you can use an in-game map. The map can function like a UI system (User interface for those who don’t know), showing your ship on route through the ocean. When you come upon an uncharted island, the name of it will show up as simply ‘Island’. Once you actually land there, you could name it whatever you want. But you might find natives here, and you could possibly interact with them. You could either choose to befriend them, making a potenial ally, or go Conquistador on them. Though you would bring diseases from the ‘old world’ to the ‘new world’ just like how Columbus brought things like smallpox and other nasty shit with him. If these people are at the same level of technology as you, you could (if you wanted to) trade with them. Learn their culture, even.

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That would be really cool

It would be, and it probably will be. This should be in the game, wouldnt be too hard to develop.

Necro post time. I was thinking of a mini map system that would be unlocked once your creature evolves memory (something you should get after evolving enough intelligence). You would start with limited memory and the map would start to disappear shortly after discovering it and as you evolve more intelligence the memory increases leaving areas you discovered open on the mini map until you eventually evolve perminent(ish) memory like what we have and the areas you discover stay in your creatures head. This system could then lead to a world map when you enter strategic view.