Alien jurassic park

it would be interesting to have a tech tree to allow you to bring extinct organisms back to life from your planet, said de-extinct organisms could evolve and split off after a while, maybe even an earlier ancestor of your species could be brought back and evolve into a similar intelligence.


I am hopeful that in the later stages we can have a version of auto-evo running on different planets with microbes and creatures still around. So you should be able to pick stuff up, gene edit it and then put it down again and watch how that changes the environment.

There are issues around how many auto-evo patches can be simulated at the same time which need to be worked out but this would mean the sort of thing you are talking about is possible.

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I forget if its been answered in another thread, but if your species becomes extinct can you take over another species on the planter?.

That idea’s been floating around for a long time. In some forms you only get to switch to your closest related species (and if your whole family tree dies out, you lose the game). Hard mode could then be that you cannot change species.

I’m not very keen about this whole switching species idea as it makes the game super easy if you can’t get a game over. Thrive is a game after all so there needs to be some challenge.


maybe you can only switch a couple of times before game over


I’ve heard suggestions of “relatedness points,” which you would either start with a preset amount of or which you would slowly accumulate over gameplay, which you could spend to switch species when you go extinct, with more genetically distant species costing more points to switch to.

Also I doubt you’ll see auto-evo in at least society stage forward, due to the smaller timescales during those stages. An entire civilization could rise and fall in the span of one or two editor cycles iirc


I think this is true.

I also think that in the last 10k years animals have changed a huge amount, wolves have become dogs for example, aurochs became cows, humans have had a huge impact on the ecosystem. Maybe it wouldn’t be auto-evo in the same way but if we had tools for modelling ecosystems it might be quite interesting to have some sort of sim running.

Like imagine an agricultural area as a patch, it tells you there are wolves, sheep, apples and a bunch of different microbes there. Then you can intervene by trying to remove the wolves, increase the number of sheep and apples, maybe genetically modify the bacteria when you get a chance etc. Just thinking aloud, it could be interesting.

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maybe have a system that allows you to use less point if you are in a form of symbiosis with another species that could live after your extinction