Alternate Forms Of Multicellularity And "Superorganisms"/Siphonophores

Having binged all sorts of weird creatures lifestyles, I’ve come across two very interesting examples of (sort of) alternate forms of multicellularity; namely, a species of worms that come together in larger clusters to act as one larger organism in much the same way single cells combine to form a larger creature, and a species of amoeba that that act independently until they run out of food, then converger together and sacrifice many of their own to build brittle stalks to send the more viable off in the wind to greener pastures. I’m wondering if and how the game could model these forms of life? I’d imagine ot being similar to siphonophores (which is also an interesting challenge; for those that don’t know, they are groups of individual organisms that form together like the organs and limbs of a larger organism, see the Portuguese Man Of War for an example) and ants with hyper specialized members, and I think it would be a terrible shame if we couldn’t create creatures like these.