Alternate History of the World

In contrast to my now dead forum game Alternate Future of the World, this forum game will be starting from the past to the the present.

We’ll start off 65 million years ago where the dinosaurs have became extinct.

Okay I’ll start:

A mouse like creature evolves to having a long tail and a wider body

Another one evolves to become larger, with it’s claws turning into hooves

Meanwhile some other mammal is becoming suited to the water.

Terror birds begin to appear as they are the descendants of the dinosaurs

Some birds become suited to the water too, but they mainly hunt crabs

As for the mammals, a mouse grows larger and gets a longer neck to reach higher food

The mouse continues to grow larger and it grows it hooves as well

Meanwhile the terror birds become smaller in stature to evolve flight

The water mammal becomes more aquatic, evolving a thicker tail and shorter but wider limbs

The terror birds evolve flight

Somewhere else in the world a species of crab begins to evolve an organic gun barrel to kill prey from range.

Some of the wide bodied mammals become semi aquatic, becoming similar to beavers

The gun crab improves it’s range and power allowing it to kill enemies from afar with one strike

Meanwhile the terror birds become airborne but also suited to the ground.

Some mammals become mouse like, becoming smaller, some of them evolve longer tails while others kept the length theirs already has.

Some marsupial becomes more primate like, having a flatter face and claws similar to nails

Squids, the primary prey of this gun-crab, have become faster and two of their tentacles have become more like shovels, to flip the gun-crabs onto their stomachs and eat them.

Fish begin to colonize land once again, similar to mudskippers. They begin to thrive on a small, secluded island because of the abundance of plantlife but little to no predators.

Terror birds continue to evolve while the crab evolves a more effective gun barrel

One species of terror bird has turned on the other groups of terror birds. It has begun to hunt down terror birds, using it’s beak to “clip” the wings of the other terror birds so that they cannot fly anymore, and then eat them on the gorund. Unsurprisingly, and somewhat uncreatively, it is known as the Wing Clipper.

The squids, as they begin to decrease, begin to migrate away from the gun-crab population, causing the population to decrease.

Fish have begun to grow more amphibious on this small island, in a remarkable display of convergent evolution. Their fins have become harder and bigger to drag themselves through the sand, and their gills have begun to transform into lungs. However, they are still not fully amphibious, and generally are just going on shore for a small amount of time.

A group of proto-primates has become stranded due to an earthquake which has cut them off from the main population, and has also caused them to be stranded on a landmass with sparse forests and larger lakes.

What year is it?

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It is now 55 million years ago right now

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The gun crabs begin to hunt other prey as well as evolving to become more omnivorous.

The other species of terror birds use their legs to kick down the wing clippers

The fish continue to evolve to become more amphibious

The gun crabs have begun to prosper, although due to migration and eggs being swept away by the waves, a new type of gun crab has evolved, one that uses the guns to propel itself instead of hunting. it has become completely herbivorous

The shovel-squids have gone deeper and deeper into the ocean, using their shovels to carve out holes in the sand. Their brains are slowly growing more dense with neurons as they struggle to adapt to the crushing deep. However, they are nowhere near the level of sentience. They have also begun to form small groups inside of their great schools, although these groups are very temporary and squids join and leave all the time.

The wing-clippers have begun to become ambush predators, working together to feast on the larger terror birds. Behavior changes include: one or two wing-clippers hold down the legs of the terror-bird before it can flee, while the others clip it’s wings and kill it. This also has a side effect of wing-clippers roaming in groups now. Their talons have become suitable for holding down the legs of other birds, although they are slowly losing their flight abilities. A promising group of wing-clippers has begun to hunt other prey, not just terror-birds.

The fish have now begun to evolve to prey on each other. The herbivorous fish are now almost completely terrestrial, and they use their fins to climb up trees. The predatory fish have begun to use their tails as a third limb, to leap up into the air, and grab these herbivorous fish. They have begun to spread to other islands due to the tides sweeping away many eggs. Most have not survived, but the ones that have are struggling to adapt, so the evolutionary pressure is upon them. They are called Caudels, although this is just a name i made up on the spot.

A large volcanic chain of islands has recently been formed near the Caudel-islands, somewhere in the greater pacific. These islands are currently barren, but seeds are going over due to the winds and the like.

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The gun crabs continue to prosper as they spread throughout more shallow waters

Meanwhile the first thing resembling a primate has appeared

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these primates are marsupials right?

Yes I do

Okay now I will do timeline later