Alternate history thread

Here we talk and debate about alternate history scenarios we make. When making your scenario it can be a single alternate country to an alternate world and it does not need to be realistic but you can make it realistic if you want.

Ever heard of Man in the High Castle? It’s about where Hitler rose to power in World War 2.

Lemme show you a map of it’


i’v herd of it, an it seems like its something i should watch.

You mean where hitler won world war 2

I meant rose to power in the United States in World War 2 after he won.

ok dont know the story
10 character limit

I don’t know much about it either. I’m gonna start watching the show sometime.

One thing i never got was why didnt the last of the usa rebel and fight germany.

What does it have to do with Millenials?

It was a joke i was not being serious.

Okay, but it wasnt a very good one : P

No offence, of course.

I know i make very unfunny jokes like my dad

You’ll get better as time goes on.

Yeah but lets get back on topic.

I know the neutral zone is dependent on germany but why couldnt they secretly build a military to fight germany

It would best to do so.

Another alternate history I really enjoy is if the War of the Worlds broadcast by Orson Welles was the real thing, and Martians were actually invading the Earth.

What i dont know was did he let listeners who listened to it from the beginning hear him say this is a story or no, and i think the citizens of the usa would go apeshit and panic that there would be anarchy if it was real it would be an anarchist’s dream

He didn’t say whether or not it was a story, he just went on air and retold it in his own words.

Oh ok.
(Darn you ten character limit)

But what do you think would happen if the martian invasion was real