Alternate history thread

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Since when are individual threads topics made by moderators?

EDIT: Why’d you change the name?

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Well, I was just asking about why you changed it, I didnt say I wanted it back.

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never mind

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I know, but why did you change the title of the thread and kept saying that I own the thread?

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Excuse me , I’d like to speak to the manager of this thread

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Then talk to the mods


What the heck happened to this thread? How did this devolve into random gibbering so fast?

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Its my fault because I couldn’t keep my belguming mouth closed

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it has the alternate history’s

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In what way is it your fault?

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It starts to get confusing when I’m trying to respond to someting he says, then he just ends up editing it and changing the question altogether.

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This is cool and all, but what about the development of sapient ants during the 20th century, forcing humanity to deal with the ramifications of a separate intelligence inhabiting their world?

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Thats an intresting scenario DPH

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Alright, who flagged my message. I wanna know, whooooo did it!

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name of scenario: a new world
scenario: north america (including the carribean) are transported to a mythical world of magic and sorcery, now the nations must somehow survive in this new world.

(Ξ”Ρ„ - Delta Phi) #57

At which time period does this happen? If it was pre-colombian, then I’d see the various animist beliefs Native Americans possess being worked into the magic of the new world. As for those of European progeny, monotheism might not be the best choice when real magic exists.
Would this also cut off the Americas from the rest of the world, preventing trade?

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I’m deciding between 1800’s or 1920’s and the world north america is transported to is similar to middle earth

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Zelandia didnt sink

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*The great emu war TRULY begins