Am I too casual of a player, or is THRIVE really damn hard?

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Yeah I personally think Thrive has a high chance of failing. It’s just so big and ambitous. That doesn’t mean I don’t have faith, something like reaching the aware stage would probably be an accomplishment on its own and impressive enough (and make for an amazing game), but all the way to a fully fleshed-out space stage probably won’t happen. Then again, a big part of the project is not the destination, but the journey. (Also, if the game gets far enough, it might attract enough of an audience to never die, since the amount of people finding the game with coding experience might be higher than the amount of people leaving)

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I see Thrive as one of those games that will develop exponentially faster and faster as it attracts more attention and potential developers. Also, one the groundwork is laid down, the multicellular stage is just a hop and a skip away from the microbial stage.

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N o b o d y_____s h o u l d_____a b a n d o n. (quite creepy writing style, huh?)

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Do not abandon Thrive.

Keep it alive.

It won’t die.

It will become Spores successor.

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This game will Thrive! (I couldn’t imagine a much funnier and more epic sentence, even though it was just a pun)

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Let it Thrive, but strive to keep it alive.

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I agree!-ive
(i cant rhyme)

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Revive it.

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I agree with you, thrive is a game of luck, just like when life first began.

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i’m bad to

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Jesus, quoting someone nearly 4 months later is a bit ridiculous don’t you think?

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I’ll say, more annoying rather than ridiculous (though I can’t think of a better word)

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Necro post?

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Erm, why? Let him quote?

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Because it’s a necro post. Wasn’t the rule for necroposting to only do it when you actually have viable new information / a new, unprecedented argument?

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From teh rools.

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Huh… I could swear there were some conversations on the older forum were someone got berated for now having anything new to say in a necropost (though it’s the same rule, I looked it up), maybe I should check

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It is annoying though, it clogs up the recent threads section


There is only a recent posts section that let’s you know what is being discussed. So it is helpful to see old threads with new posts there.