Another Auto-evo Based Game

During the last six months while the Thrive codebase was being overhauled, I spent some time making a different game around of the ideas I’ve had for Thrive that would not fit in to the real-time game model we have. At the risk of setting a bad example for self-promotion, I’m pleased to announce that game has now launched on Steam. If you want to see some of the same ideas Thrive strives to tackle, but from a different perspective, feel free to check it out!


Really cool game, although I find not starving a little bit hard. Also my game crashed: After I laid eggs, the game told me it died, I wanted to go somewhere else and this is when it crashed. :thrive:


Thanks for letting me know! I will add that bug to the bug hunt, and difficulty settings are definitely on my to-do list now.

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