Another thread about Alien life

On other habitable planets, will there be auto evo making the alien organisms, because i don’t want the aliens to be too similar to the player, or like in spore, where all the NPC organisms are made by the developers

this has already been confirmed but autoevo needs to be worked on to get to that point

Also it’s way too impractical to try to run auto-evo on 100 planets at the same time. Other planets have to be pregenerated in some form, so that they can just be loaded from disk when needed. I’m too lazy to look for it but I’m confident I’ve said somewhere on these forums before that something like a planet pregeneration tool might be something we release and then when we have a bunch of planets generated by many people, we’ll just bundle some reasonable amount with the game. That way loading the space stage doesn’t take an absolute ton of time to generate everything.

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it has been suggested to keep track of how much time has passed in editor sessions and run that many generations of auto-evo when you visit the planet but i feel like that should be optional if done to not make lower end PCs turn into a fireball because of visiting a new planet that can support life, i also think the pregenerated planets should be optional with a default of on and a warning that, if turned off, will drastically increase the time between hitting the button to start and starting the game so people can start with a completely random galaxy if they want, assuming the game can handle automatically and randomly generating 1000000s of planets all at once when the galaxy is implemented

Pregenerated planets are necessary. Thats the only way to make planets with ecosystems that makes sense (for example, if you procedurally generate some animals and put them in a planet, the predator can cause all its prey to go extinct, and then go extinct itself, only leaving plants behind. And also they would show no sign of having a common ancestor, they may have different numbers of legs, etc).

The histories of planets can be stored seperately in thrivepedia, so if you completed your evolution early, you see the planets in their early forms, complex traits such as fire breathing may not have evolved yet. All of this doesn’t need to be stored in the computer. The game may download “3 billion year old planets” when you enter awakening after 3 billion years.

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I see no realistic way to make that happen. I expect it to take minutes to generate one full planet, as you need to run a bunch of auto-evo generations to fill it up with macroscopic file. So meaning that if you had even just 100 stars half of with a habitable planet, it would take more than 30 minutes for the game to load. No one is going to wait that long.

there are people who want to wait hours to start playing a game, i have seen them in person, also the other group who would use that are people who have REALLY good PCs with enough processor cores to make 100 take the same time as 20

Well then all those people who want that experience can add it to Thrive. I won’t be personally spending any more seconds of my time I can use on Thrive thinking about this thing that a fraction of a fraction of players might find interesting to try once.

Ok, I’ll delete this thread soon (if I can, I haven’t tried). However, by the time Thrive releases, people probably would have the type of computer to run this kind of thing. It probably would be a mod anyway.

Nevermind, I can’t delete it, so can someone who can do it for me? Or should I just leave it?

seems pretty reasonable

Possibly it could also draw from the planets that you evolved on in previous save games? I think it would be cool to see creatures and stuff from a past game, reappear into your current game.


That’s another complex feature. It needs some intelligence to decide when to save the player’s played planet. Will playing the same save overwrite the previous copy of the planet? Will there be multiple? How much disk space is this feature allowed to take up? Do we need a GUI to show how much space the saved worlds take up on disk and a button to clear it? Does there need to be an option to massively make it more likely for locally saved planets to be preferred to the ones bundled with the game?

depending on how it works that could be delegated to the player

likely best to have a way for the player decide

if it’s local add a thing for the player to allocate disc space to it, if not then however much is the best balance between easily affordable and convenient

yes but there should be a way to delete the planets individually and a way to make sure you can’t accidentally delete all of them.

almost definitely but there should also be a way to individually select planets to allow players more control over the life bearing planets in their galaxy

Who is going to remember to use this feature if it is hidden somewhere in the menus. You wouldn’t believe how good the average person is at missing key Thrive features. If the feature needs to be used by the player explicitly I’m going to guess that only a few players in a thousand players would even use the feature at all.

So it’s going to be really low fun to effort ratio (spending a ton of programming time for a feature just a couple of players will use).

That’s even more work. Do you next also want to see thumbnails for those? That adds even more complexity to the system.

it should probably just be what you see if you’ve already saved a planet and try to save it again under the same name so it can be found easier

only if someone wants to code them, they’re not really required and it could be a mod, so unless someone decides to on their own and finishes it i don’t think they are something i couldn’t play without

Why do locally saved planets take more space than the others?

They wouldn’t, but if we include like 1000 planets (or maybe even more, depending on how well the data can be compressed) and the player saved like 10 planets it would be very unlikely for the player to ever see their own saved planets.

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The players homeworld can be copied and placed very close the homeworld in a new game. Or it can be the same as in spore. All the worlds exist in one galaxy.

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I think I agree that this is absolutely a kinda luxury type feature, where it shouldn’t be done til pretty much everything else is complete. There isn’t much point to the function of the game when there could already be many premade planets that could appear nearby

However, if this feature were to be implemented (speaking from a non-coders perspective), a potential way it could be done is a player could choose to save their planet during a play through at any point, and that planet could be inserted into the randomized with the premade planets. When that planet is discovered by the player, it could be at the point they saved it at, allowing them to see it in a new game. (Potentially, there could also be an opt-in where auto-evo continues on ‘your planet’ after you discover it). An optional additional system could be ‘favoriting’ planets so they have a higher likelihood to appear in your game

Another opt in option could be the default of premade planets, but if you want you could have auto evo make planets, allowing uniqueness at the cost of loading speed, but it was the players choice to lower the performance like this

Again, I think it’s prolly not worth adding this feature as a goal to accomplish, but these were just some initial ideas if anyone ever ends up doing it

Edit: Please do note I haven’t really been following the conversation here, so sorry if some of these ideas are repeats

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I thought evolution wouldn’t continue after aware stage because you no longer live through millions of years.

But it would be possible to have auto evo to create an alternate future of the planet and discovering that version.

This would be a good thing to add. If you liked mountains, you could favorite mountainous planets and the game could give you that kind of planets to explore. If you had a fear of spiders, you could dislike planets that had spider-oids and you would stop seeing them.

This is planned, i think. But it wouldn’t happen at the same time as when you are playing the game. You could let the auto evo running during the night and when it is completed you could add the planets that are created to your game.


You know what would be the perfect thing to add to the game? Quantum space whales.

Every once in a while, a species in a planet quantum tunnels to another planet, continuing its evolution there. This way, you could interact with your previous creations before the space stage.