Any Biochemists needed for help in development

I don’t know if this is where to put this or if there is any good place for this on the forums, but I graduated college with a degree in biochemistry and was wondering if it could help out the development team at all

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You can go to this link Getting Started - Thrive Developer Wiki


Any sort of theory would be helpful when we have questions about scientific accuracy, and from my understanding, you would have qualifications to make the theory team (biochemistry is important and difficult). Theorists usually don’t actively keep up everyday with development but are pinged on Discord once in a while when a question arises, so if you are willing to do that, that would be great. And of course, theorists can point out anything they notice in gameplay.

Fralegend’s link provides a guide for applying. Hope to welcome you soon.


Alright. Will do. I actually watch videos on speculative (realistic) evolution from time to time as well.

I submitted it so hopefully it all works out and I’ll be helping you all soon. :smiley:

(edit: turns out my ADHD brain was acting up and I only did the CLA. I’m actually doing the application now, lol)