Any scientist willing to fact check this?

There was a scientist who found out how cancer works and how to reverse it. I’m kind of a nerd on cancer, but don’t really have the time to fact check this. Anywho he was a jewish scientist forced by hitler to develop a cure for cancer, he was called Warburg.

Hitler forced someone to find a cure for cancer.

I really, dont know what to say about this.

He wasn’t “evil” you know, like he wanted to literally cause as much suffering as possible. He just wanted the best for his “own people”, the fact that that meant he had to go all genocidal-dictator-mode was just a consequence of that. It’s the same as when people are suprised when they see a picture of him playing with a child or something; Hitler wasn’t a comic book villain, just a normal person that just so happened to be a literal Hitler. (Note: I’m not a neo-nazi.)

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You are righto me lad. One could argue Stalin was worse than Hitler, having no ‘people’ of his own. Simply wanting to, do, stuff… And being murderous…

But I might not get into that, so I don’t somehow offend anyone.

This helps clear alot of things, now only if I can find experiments that actually worked with curing cancer… hmm if the cancer cells no longer use or accept oxygen, but oxygen is what would all the cell to die normally, what if O2 was attatched to the glucose thus forcing the cancer cells to accept oxygen in order to get glucose or suffer starvation? :thinking:



This necro has gone too far!


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This was a completely pointless post.


True. But about the topic at large: It is correct that cancer cells show the so-called Warburg effect frequently, it is, however, still unknown why that is, regardless of what that vague online article may imply. This essentially means that cancer cells obtain basically all of their ATP through glycolysis, instead of the much more efficient oxidative phosphorylation (which takes place in the mitochondria), even if they have sufficient reserves of oxygen available, which would usually favor the latter. Since this is extemely inefficient, cancer cells have a much higher demand of glucose to sustain themselves, which puts further strain on the body. So, while the original poster in this thread was completely and utterly wrong, and while Warburg’s first thesis was wrong too (considering he mistook a symptom of cancer for its cause) he did contribute to the process of furthering our understanding of cancer.

… Now how did we get from such a simle topic to spending most of this thread on talking about Hitler?

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