So, being an architect major, naturally Im curious to see what sorts of building creator the developers had in mind. Would it be like the sims franchise where you drag and click walls and they automatically appear or would it take time to contruct and complete to fit more with realism? Would it require the gathering of certain materials? Could you enter an editor like the cell editor where you make a blueprint for the house and then have to go and actually build it with gathered materials?

I don’t think this has been really planned so here’s some random thoughts from me:

  • probably in early tribal you would place each piece of wood (if you make shelters from it) individually
  • later on you would start making blueprints of buildings and then just collecting the materials
  • and finally you would just plonk down the templates and your factories etc. would manufacture everything needed automatically.

AH! So kinda like a minecraft approach to building? Only… not as blocky?

And then later on it becomes more like sim city style of building? Where you place the footprint of the building and then workers come and build it?

From a 3D modeling standpoint I can say that it is possible to tile complicated 3D elements beyond mere minecraft blocks, which I have already started doing for an ice environment. With that however comes the possibility of monotony within the game, so it should be planned pre-hand exactly how architecture should be customized. On the other hand, necessitating players create every element from scratch would be an extraordinary burden that would turn people off from the game, so a compromise needs to be made.
It might be better if players can use pre-made parts to make larger parts, like if they can combine a sphere and a rod to make a lamp, or merge different pieces of wood or stone to create the kind of plank/block used to build a home.