Arctic Civilizations

We all know the underwater civ debate. But there is another problem. Civilizations in arctic regions are stuck in the wasteland. How would they progress in the first place? Snow and lack of fuel could prevent metallurgy.

yes, but metallurgy IS physically possible, so arctic civilizations are plausible.


They’re way cooler than water civs anyway


But underwater civs can make platforms and dry the coal they find, but arctic civilizations do not have any type of fuel for metallurgy.

Svalbard is pretty close to the north pole and is covered in coal, there’s no reason coal isn’t gonna be in the artic. The real issue is progressing to an industrial economy where less than half the population works in agriculture when your environment requires more than 100% of people work in agriculture


Yeah. Also now agriculture is limited because you can’t grow any crops, and the meat you eat comes from animals that eat fish that eat things you can’t eat yourself so it would be carnivorous.

If you want to dry coal on land and make metallurgy, you might as well flood the ocean with oil and hope for lightning to strike.

No guarantee there won’t be fuel in the arctic. Remember that this is an evolution simulator, not an Earth simulator. It is very possible that some extremely hardy species of plant OR similarly combustible species could evolve in the Arctic, and that isn’t including the fact that like others said, you could still find coal.

Of course it’s also possible to evolve in a world where these species don’t evolve in the arctic, and to live in an arctic with no coal.
This is something I see people forgetting a lot. Materials we can find here on Earth in certain places is not going to be the same in your world in Thrive. You could live on a planet with no trees on land, and lots in water, or something like a cactus in the Arctic, but none in the desert. Etc, etc.

Therefore speculating what is and is not possible in certain locations is very difficult. Of course there are certain things we can know for sure, but the type of life you can predict to be somewhere is limited. And unfortunately living things are often fuel for fire, which means it’s pretty important to know what life exists in your area to determine if fire is viable or not.

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What you are going into is what Is what I like to call a grayzone, manipulating landmass, metal concentrations, sure. Manipulating your species, sure.

The grayzone for theese proof of concept things is when you start to manipulate other species besides your own,

Sure it may be possible, but it is no way near practical. Which as far as i have seen, has been the most bewarding factor of similar arguements with sea and plant animals.

Though arctic people are entirely possible, you dont really need to give an example.

We already had an ice age, arctic civilizations can exist and will. So you are correct, its just that my personal opinion will not allow myself to fully accept your theory. You are right, but very wrong in my mind.

So what are people even talking about here? Are you talking about a civilization that literally lives on permanently snow and ice covered places or something that’s within the arctic circle on Earth?

For literally living on ice, I’d say it’s a definite no, because how are the people going to either dig through kilometres of snow and ice to get to the ground? Or they just have an ocean underneath them.

For the arctic circle situation, it’s a bit harder than usual, but I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. You can still find plant matter and trees every here and there, and if you are lucky you can find ore deposits like elsewhere.

Also this is pretty funny thread to me because Finland has quite a large part within the arctic circle so this is almost like a meme thread about Finland (and me by association) not being real.


Everyone with half a brain knows finland is fake, it’s actually an inland sea filled with fish, and Russia and Japan made it up after WW2 as a way to make peace with one another and they share the fishing rights. Look at it’s history, and culture and people and location, it’s a joke. People with a whole brain on the other hand…


Fun fact: Antarctica used to be a tropical continent, which is why there is coal and oil there.
As for the other arctic biomes.
P L A T E T E C T O N I X !
So there can be coal in the arctic, if that area previously had plants millions of years ago.