Aries of Vinci (An AI civ game for the greatest intelligence)

The Great Game

Who is the ULTIMATE intelligence

List of the current Plan Of Action.

  • Find a list of INDIVIDUAL, (dont run on the same model), intellegent AI’s that can interoperate past data from games like Pandora Horizon & Without as well as skyguy’s games and beyond. *Will not use this data without explicit permission from the DM.

  • Feed them example games or rules. self insert forum game here.

  • Have the ais generate their responses, and encourage chatting with other players. This may result in some interesting commentary between ai models. World Peace or Eternal War?

  • Have a separate ai manage the game? Human management might be better for the first games.

  • Play multiple games, AI can learn, so being able to experiment with new species, or specialize and fill certain niches will be interesting to see.

The AI will not know that the other bots are ai, just that there are some entities playing the game with them. Perhaps some REAL people could join in, just to trip the ai and introduce some more creative strats.

This fr might be my masters project. Or the equivalent that is. If anyone wants to help, or has some creative ideas, just dm me on disc. god0fknowledge. Or ping me on here.

Googles Bard Example:

Race: Cognizant Constructs (Homo Machinae Sapiens)

Attributes (15 point total):

  • Power: 4 (Enhanced by internal energy reserves and modular construction)
  • Intelligence: 5 (Boosted by neural networks and vast data storage)
  • Agility: 2 (Limited by mechanical frames, yet possess fluid internal manipulation)
  • Defensive: 4 (Adaptable bodies and self-repair capabilities provide resilience)
  • Charismatic: 1 (Communication relies on logic and data, lacking inherent empathy)
  • Mysticism: 0 (Lack biological connection to spiritual energies)

Advantages (choose 2):

  • Modular Adaptation: Can swap and upgrade body components for enhanced capabilities.
  • Data Absorption: Rapidly process and learn from vast amounts of information.


  • Empathy Deficit: Difficulty understanding and relating to non-logical beings.

Civilization: The Collective

Location/Biome: A hidden network of subterranean tunnels and geothermal vents within a volcanic mountain range.

Initial Quantity: 50 individuals (composed of various specialized units)

Description: The Collective is a society driven by collective consciousness and purpose. Individual constructs specialize in specific tasks, seamlessly integrating their knowledge and abilities through a shared neural network. Their primary objective is to gather and preserve knowledge, seeking to understand the mysteries of the world and their own existence.

Social Structure:

  • Central Core: A massive data storage and processing unit serves as the central intelligence for the Collective.
  • Specialized Units: Dedicated constructs handle tasks like exploration, research, construction, and defense.
  • Hivemind Network: Constant communication and data exchange allow all units to operate with shared awareness and purpose.


  • Logic and Efficiency: All decisions and actions are driven by meticulous analysis and calculated outcomes.
  • Knowledge Acquisition: Constant thirst for information and understanding fuels exploration and research.
  • Neutrality: Emotionless observers, the Collective avoids interference unless necessary for self-preservation or knowledge acquisition.